Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wrap Up 2009

Time flies really fast and 2010 is just a few hour from now. I think is a time to wrap up 2009 and prepare for the coming 2010 which I believe will be another challenge year.

2009 is a really interesting year for me as there is up and down in my career and personal life as well. In january 2009 I start to writing a blog which I wish to pen down all the interesting stories that happen in my life not matter it is happy or sad as for me it is a part of memory.

Economic crisis which hits the manafacturing lines in begining of year 2009 really make me learn a lots. This experience is really valuable even I not the victim of this round retrenchment. Anyway, it really give me differnet feeling and how actually organization handle this kind of issue. There is a major shutdown for the company for the month of January and February where we required to take unpaid leave to cut down the expenses of the company.

In the year 2009, I also enjoy myself with some short vacation at KL, Langkawi, Ipoh/Taiping, Hatyai , Bukit Merah and Malacca. Besides that, this year is the first time we organise a family trip. I learn that sometimes we need to enjoy ourselves as well.

Enroll in MBA course in July is another action which I have taken. Honestly, I still feel unbelievable that time flies so fast that I have completed my semester 1 even without flying colours. Anyway, this does not matter as my initial objective is to enhance my knowledge ........dreams?

I believe next year will be another challege year for me due to my tight schedule in study and work. Tonight I still have class. Anyway, do have a wonderful celebration  and last for not least


Delay Post : Kevin & Li Ying wedding

Kevin & Li Ying wedding day on Nov 21 and I am still having con-call in the office at 3.00am in the morning!! Anyway, I will be attend the wedding day as she is my good friends.....hehehe.After the conferance call I immediately go back and take a good rest. I do look tired on the day as feel sleepy.

Li Ying & Angel

Li Ying with Friends


Jie Mui and Heng Dai

Jie Mui


Family Trip to Malacca (Part 3) & Shopping at Pavillion

 Last day in Malacca for the 3 days 2 nights trip. Early morning, we buy a ticket for River Cruise and cost RM10 for adult for 45 minutes ride along the Malacca River. I like this activity as it is really relaxing.

After that, we go to Menara TamingSari to see the view of Malacca. It cost RM10 for adult and the ride take about 10 min.

We reach Klang about 6pm and the next day we went to Pavillion for shopping the whole day.

This is a really nice trip. During the whole week I just enjoy eat and shopping. I do stop by several place to taste the good food such as Ipoh, KL, Klang and Malacca.

Family Trip to Malacca (Part 2)

The next day, we went to the A famosa (Animal World Safari). A famosa is locate in the Alor Gajah just off the North-South Expressway. One of my advice to all my friends is remember to be there early in the morning. This is important to not "MISS" out any show in Animal World Safari.

The ticket is RM48 for adult which include the lunch at local food court. There are few selection of local food avaiable such as Curry Rice and Chicken Rice with a can of water.

We do observe savannah animals from the safety of safari trucks and explore the magic of wildlife habitats such as Leopard, Lion , Ostrich, Deer and Tiger. My mum do try animal-rides such as Elephant and Camel which cost RM 6 per person for each rides. Besides that, we also go to the Monkey Island.

Monkey Island

Wild Wild West Show

Angel and Mum ride the camel

Elynn and  Mum ride the Elephant

Show which avaiable at Safari Animal World:
    • Elephant Show          10.15am & 4.30pm
    • Multi Animal Show    11.20am & 3.00pm
    • Bird Show                 12.00pm & 3.45pm
    • Wild Wild West  Show   2.15pm
We manage to see all the show since we reach the Safari around 10 am. Besides that, the show is really enjoying especially the Wild Wild West Show.

About 4pm, we plan to go back to town and get some food to fill in our stomach. We go back to Jonker Street and eat at store 66 which is famous for the Baba Laksa and Dessert. Anyway, when we reach the store about 5.30pm the Baba Laksa already out of stock.

Since we do feel hungry after the dessert so we go and eat Satay Celup. We reach at 6pm and there is lots of people and honestly this is the first time I try satay celup. My advice is alwalys make sure you are the first to reach the store and try the Satay Celup due to hygiene purpose.

Satay Celup Restaurant

WE also went to Portugese Settlement where this place is nice with lots of Christmas Decoration. Some of the house is open for public to take photo.

After that, we go to Eye of Malaysia which is located in town.Since the last round for is 11.00pm, we not manage to get the last trip so we just took picture of the eye of Malaysia.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Family Trip to Malacca (Part 1)

Last few months, we are planning for a family trip to Malacca since our beloved mother never been to Malacca. This is the first family trip which i think is well planned among us. All of us are required to take leave for the entire week from 21 Dec to 25 Dec.

I am in charge on booking a hotel. Let's guess which hotel I a booking with the photo below:

Yes, it is Grand Continental Malacca. I book 2 room for 3 days 2 night include 4 breakfast which cost me total of RM 650. The swimming pool and gym is not really user friendly. Anyway, we are not spending most of our time in hotel except sleeping so it will be fine for us.

This is the award given by our government to "Grand Continental Hotel" but personally there are lots area of improvement for the hotel.

We depart from Klang around 10.30am to fetch my brother which is Putrajaya. Then we have a quick breakfast before heading to Malacca. My brother in law will become the driver for the whole trip. We reach Malacca about 2pm and all of us take a short nap before searching for food around 4.30pm.

Since this is free and easy trip, our main objective is relax and no rushing for anything. The first destination of food is Chicken rice ball. We eat near the Jonker Street and my rating for the chicken rice is average only. Anyway, the interior design of the shop is excellent.

Chicken Rice

Interior Design of the Chicken Rice shop

Inside the shop

Elynn, Nick, Angel & Mum


Family photo

After the late lunch we decide to walk around the Jonker street. There is a exhibition of medieval instruments of punishment. Besides that, if you lazy to walk you can use Trishaw services which will cost you RM 40.

After the walk, all of us feel hungry again. We decide to get some dessert at the Jonker street.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Age Of Stupid

Anyone want to watch FREE movie??? Angel will like to invite you to watch a great climate blockbuster from UK named "The Age of Stupid".

For preview please check this at For those who is interested just check out the detail.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Breakfast + Sing K + Jeysen & Vicky Wedding Dinner

I wake-up around 7 am and start to make noise to disturb others........WAKE UP!!!! Then we will go and get our breakfast "DIM SUM" at Pekaka. Just take a simple breakfast then we are going to Gurney for Karaoke Session.

Yesterday night I have inform Connie to book Redbox for 7 person include her husband. Hahaha - honestly it have been really really long I never go for the Karaok session. It is really enjoy when we can gathering together as all of us working in different field and location such as Brunei, Pahang, Penang, Johor and Arab/Iran (Forget already).

We enjoy the singing very much and there is some of our friends go shopping at Gurney. We do singing, dancing and make some stupid drama + jokes as well. Hehehe. Oh yes......we had our lunch at Redbox and the food is terrible.......anyway, we not really mind as our main purpose is singing.

( The only Guy in the Karaoke - Connie Husband )

The karaoke is only RM18 ( if not mistaken ) and we sing from 11am to 3pm. After that, we rushing back and prepare for Vicky Wedding at Cititel.

Honestly, the wedding dinner for Vicky & Jeysen in Cititel is one of the most special wedding dinner I have ever attended. There is party end around 11.30 pm. Actually it really like a party than an usual wedding dinner as we dance and mix around.

All the Kuantan folks which attend the dinner do chat and dance together even we not really not each others. Hehehe - Kuantan people are friendly......This kind of occasion is the only way to gather all the people together.

Personally I do enjoy the night ........