Saturday, January 31, 2009

Face Roller

Yesterday I went to shopping mall in Kuantan and get a face-roller. This stuff come to my mind as during this festival season a lots of my friends and relative claim that I look "chubby". Then I recall on a beauty tool which cost me RM15.90.

I managed to get the roller and I am not sure whether this massage roller will work on creating a graceful face curve or not......I will let you know the result after few month.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Chinese New Year Gathering.....

This year I really spent most of the time with my family and friends. I really enjoy the gathering and "visiting" activities during the CNY. Honestly, I am busy during this year CNY as I have joint most of the gathering activities.

I do enjoy the "pillow talks" on the 1st day of the CNY. Even all of us is tired but we still manage to chat until 5am in the morning and the next day we continue the "bai nian" activities. I really think that we are GREAT as we just slept for few hours then the night itself we have another session of girls tall with nice wine. Hahaha.

Currently I am waiting for the photo to upload in the blog......Stay tune.

P/S: Friendship forever and really looking forward for another gathering………

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good Bargain....

Yesterday I went to KL and bought "chicken meat slice/ba kua" for the Chinese New Year celebration before heading back to my hometown. A stranger help me to bargain for a better deal and this is fun.

I buy 4 packets of the chicken meat slice and I get a free biscuit which cost RM13.50. This is really unexpected as the biscuit is actually for sell.Hmmm - sometimes I think we should bargain to get a better deal as well. I enjoy the process of bargain......

This is what angel buy for the CNY celebration.

Biscuit which Angel get "free" and it's taste good.

Friday, January 23, 2009

"Steamboat Supper" at the Office

Unbelievable......we having the steamboat in the office!!!! This is great .....

Actually the most interesting part of the steamboat supper is we "ceroboh" the cafeteria to take the tools and snap photo in the office open area. Hahaha.....can you believe it????We do not allow to bring the camera to company.
Photo for the steamboat preparation:

(1) Food preparation

(2) The food is ready

(3) Dream Team member

(4) SSC team member

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fish Spa Therapy

May I know whether the therapy is tickling? This is the first question from me to the sales person at the Kenko. If the person knows me well, certainly know why I ask this funny question………I do suggest all of you have a try on this Fish Spa Therapy which I think is fun and tickling as well.

I will not break my promise!!! I will accompany you to this therapy and I must make it!!! (Angel is ego sometimes). Hehe - I just simply want him to know that I can overcome my fear to this little fish.(I have successful finish the 30 minutes Spa – “Angel” you are great!!).

Imagine that you spend RM38 just to feed the fish with you skin. What a loss “investment” but this is fun as Dr Fish “masseurs” nibble away our dead skin and pamper my feet to a pleasant sensation and relaxation “micro massage”. Hmm – I am thinking what will be our next year trial for foot massage…..

Scroll down and see how “Angel” feed the fish with the smelly feet ……just wonder will the fish dead due to eat too much of dead skin.
(1) Wash your legs for hygiene purpose

(2) Then let the small Dr Fish Garra Rufa from Turkey, Jordan and Syrai kiss your feet

(3) After 10 min, you can let the medium Dr Fish Garra Rufa from Asia Country such as Japan, Korea & Taiwan to continue the massage.

(4)After that, you can move to the big fish to bite you.This is very tickling ( Last Process). Haha.....

Fish Spa Therapy Photo:
Nice environment in the Fish Spa
Can you see our photo? Check this buletin board to find me and my friend.

Angel get bully by Dr. Fish Video........

More information for the Fish Spa Therapy:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is that I am too sensitive??

Just now I am having lunch with my friends. I guess maybe I am too sensitivite as I do feels a little bit of uneasy when they keep questioning why I receive the organizer money for the previous BBQ activity.

Maybe I am over confident that I can arrange the activities smoothly but the reality tell me that I am not qualified as a good chair person as issue araise after the activities. I believe there is a mis-communication happen and I think nobody should be blame in this situation.

After I understand the situation, I think the good way of communication is at least by calling a person rather than flying an e-mail as sometimes e-mail is not clear at all. I think next time I rather be the people who is enjoying the party than co-organise it. I believe people will said I am sensitive or childish....

P/S:Do anyone have the same experience like this.......Things suddenly turn bad.

Feeling tired....

Yesterday night I not really sleep well and my muscle feel pain. This happen because I give out jog for a long time – I guess.

Even I am tired but I do fell happy because receive an earlier Birthday Gift. During these bad times, at least there is something to cheer me up! Besides that, thanks for helping me as sometimes little helps really means a lots for me.

Hope to get a good rest tonight ........

Sunday, January 18, 2009

“Magnild”= strong battle maiden

German is the origin name of “Magnild” which means strong battle maiden. I choose this name as I hope I can be a “strong fighter” to face the entire obstacle in my life. Today, I receive a sms from my BOSS asking me to prepare and find another job as the situation is out of hands.

Actually I do understand on the situation of today economy. In the earlier blogs, I do write on the retrenchment issue as well but I can imagine that I have the possibility to face this problem as well. How strong and tough can I be to face this situation? I just move to this company for a few months and currently is really hard to find a job. Jobless rate is estimated will rate up to 100K just for PENANG. (I not sure how true this figure….)

If think from the HR perspective, I will retrench the new hire and the contractor as HR only needs to pay a small amount of the lay-offs compensation. So is that I will be their choices? Maybe someone think I am sensitive but I think this is normal for me to worry and predict the worst situation.

Since I have plan to continue my study at part-time and due to the bad economy should I just continue the study for full-time? Haiz – why I need to face so many obstacle in life. I do feel tired sometimes to face all this by alone as I really don’t want my family worry on me.
Maybe blogging is the only way I can vent out my expression. “Angel” is tired…..I need an Angel to be my side to make me stronger.....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

BBQ at Minden Heights

The night have come and below is the food that I have prepare for the BBQ. I will upload the landscape of the house next time. This is because currently I really do not have camera and is using my cell-phone to snap the photo. The quality of the photo is bad .

Anyway, I do feel happy as all the marinated chicken wings finish. Some people said because of their BBQ skills which is excellent and not the chicken which is taste good, but I don't really mind as the food is finish.

Honestly during the BBQ session, I not really chat a lots. This is maybe I feel that I am getting older or because I am not in their team anymore. Sometimes really feel like an outsider. Hmmm...what you think?

Friday, January 16, 2009

BBQ - Organizing committee Chairperson

Haha - the title i get for the BBQ is organizing committee chairperson which i think is funny. Actually today I just busy helping my friend to prepare the BBQ stuff. Since it is lots of stuff need to buy and I decide to go to hypermarket for 2 rounds. The reason I need to do 2 rounds is because I still am a small angel. ( Hahaha - 1.5 litre water is heavy and how am I suppose to buy 10 bottles even with the trolly )

After considering some of my friends not really prefer carbonate drinks so I decide to buy Just tea. Hehe - actually me also not really prefer the carbonate drink lar. ( Angel is really concern on other as well ).
Yesterday I have marinated the BBQ Chicken wings and I really hope it taste good even I am not profesional.

Honestly, this is tired and next time I will request a help or just enjoy the BBQ than become the organiser........

P/S: Angel priciple : Hope everyone will enjoy the BBQ is the most important ......

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New hair style - BIBI is cute

BIBI just cut her hair and she look cute....Please refer below photo before and after the hair cut. She is really pretty leh

(1) Before the hair-cut

(2) After the hair-cut

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chinese New Year Card

It has been a long time I never receive the CNY card. This year, I have surprise to receive 2 cards from my colleague. The feeling of receive the New Year card is great and especially when you get what you are unexpected!
Hahaha - thanks Nicole and Liya for the cards .....
Updated on 22 Jan 2009:
I have added another 4 CNY card..... Thanks Nyak,Marina,Jane & Salwa.

Muka Head Trip with SSC

Muka Head Trip is the first activities I join in in the SSC family. This trip is great as I have many interesting colleague/friends in this department. We depart at 8am in the morning to the Taman Negara Pulau Pinang. My colleague have prepare the Tuna Sandwich, Sardine, Rice and etc as we plan to have our lunch there. Thanks for the nice lunch and tell you I love the "sardines " a lots.......

Since we are lazy to hike so we decide to take boat. There is fix price for the boat to Muka Head round trip is RM 80. One of the interesting in this trip is I manage to jump from the jetty! This is really unbelievable and what I learn is you must need to have trust on your friends and then you can do it.

Before we start our Muka Head Trip

Mermaid get kills by Yoges - Help !!!

Cool.....even under the hot sun.
Dream Team ....
After the trip....
Thanks SSC and all of you is GREAT!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dissatisfaction.......Need improvement

Since there is another shutdown....So i cook the meat floss roll and the steps is as below:

(1) Get some meat floss

(2) Popiah Skin

(3) Put the floss and wrap together

(4) Done and ready to fry

(5) Done

Unfortunately, I think this is not nice. I have no idea why this is not nice. Is that the popiah skin quality or i put too many meat floss. It is crispy but I still think outside the market Meat Floss Rolls is nicer.

Hmmm ..... I will make improvement and hopefully I can make it until I satisfied for my friends to try....hahaha. This happen because I am not talented in cooking I guess.....

Any comment or idea for the improvement method are welcome.......
Update (20 Jan ) - My sister decided to buy a ready made meat floss rolls as she think this is more easier way......she do feel is wasting times and the cosmetic issue as well. Hahaha.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fresh breeze at Gurney

Yesterday, I do enjoy the accompany by my good friend. Honestly, it has been a long time that I never sit at the gurney beach side and feel the fresh breeze......I think it is about few years back.

The breeze really make me relax and it is really unbelievable that actually we still have so many topic to chat. If I not mistaken, the last time is at Sarawak Trip......Hmmmm, just wonder when I will be there again as I do like the Damai Resort.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blood Donation

It has been few years I am staying in PENANG and today is the first time I participating and supporting the Blood Donation Campaign organise by Hui Yin Seh. (Honestly I have no idea on this organization at all but I know this is a big organization in Penang).

Actually there is 3 Hospital Participate and you can choose to which hospital you plan to donate your blood. My friend GD and me of course will donate to the Penang General Hospital even there is a lots of people.There is free T-shirt to the blood donor as well.
This is the picture that I manage snap and you can see there is lots of blood donor as well in PENANG....
Comment: There is lots of donor ......
Comment: Big crowd in Komtar....

Comment: Angel stuff and waiting for my turn....

Comment: Angel is donating the blood and I look pale ......Hahaha.