Friday, January 16, 2009

BBQ - Organizing committee Chairperson

Haha - the title i get for the BBQ is organizing committee chairperson which i think is funny. Actually today I just busy helping my friend to prepare the BBQ stuff. Since it is lots of stuff need to buy and I decide to go to hypermarket for 2 rounds. The reason I need to do 2 rounds is because I still am a small angel. ( Hahaha - 1.5 litre water is heavy and how am I suppose to buy 10 bottles even with the trolly )

After considering some of my friends not really prefer carbonate drinks so I decide to buy Just tea. Hehe - actually me also not really prefer the carbonate drink lar. ( Angel is really concern on other as well ).
Yesterday I have marinated the BBQ Chicken wings and I really hope it taste good even I am not profesional.

Honestly, this is tired and next time I will request a help or just enjoy the BBQ than become the organiser........

P/S: Angel priciple : Hope everyone will enjoy the BBQ is the most important ......


  1. Thanks to my "God Brother" for concern on this little angel. Anyway, I already get all the stuff done :)

  2. Kesian kena bully by whoever who asked you to buy these stuff. 1.5l x 10 bottles = 15l. Assuming the density is 1kg/l, that is a whopping 15k before considering the amount of snacks, etc.
    Lets hope the requester read this blog, and be more considerate in the future... if he/she is a manager, we can only ponder if his/her subordinates get this amount of workload day in and day out.
    My heart goes to them.