Friday, January 30, 2009

Chinese New Year Gathering.....

This year I really spent most of the time with my family and friends. I really enjoy the gathering and "visiting" activities during the CNY. Honestly, I am busy during this year CNY as I have joint most of the gathering activities.

I do enjoy the "pillow talks" on the 1st day of the CNY. Even all of us is tired but we still manage to chat until 5am in the morning and the next day we continue the "bai nian" activities. I really think that we are GREAT as we just slept for few hours then the night itself we have another session of girls tall with nice wine. Hahaha.

Currently I am waiting for the photo to upload in the blog......Stay tune.

P/S: Friendship forever and really looking forward for another gathering………


  1. Dawn... your gathering looks pretty fun... wish i could be there. Happy chinese new year !!!

  2. Next year, I will send you invitation in advance....

  3. yo.. time passes very fast
    gathering helps us to strengthen d friendship
    anyway, do keep in touch babe