Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dissatisfaction.......Need improvement

Since there is another shutdown....So i cook the meat floss roll and the steps is as below:

(1) Get some meat floss

(2) Popiah Skin

(3) Put the floss and wrap together

(4) Done and ready to fry

(5) Done

Unfortunately, I think this is not nice. I have no idea why this is not nice. Is that the popiah skin quality or i put too many meat floss. It is crispy but I still think outside the market Meat Floss Rolls is nicer.

Hmmm ..... I will make improvement and hopefully I can make it until I satisfied for my friends to try....hahaha. This happen because I am not talented in cooking I guess.....

Any comment or idea for the improvement method are welcome.......
Update (20 Jan ) - My sister decided to buy a ready made meat floss rolls as she think this is more easier way......she do feel is wasting times and the cosmetic issue as well. Hahaha.


  1. Let me test,so u will noe pass or fail..Hehe..

  2. Really hope you can help me test - so long never meet up !!

  3. wahhh hehehe got time to cook and take picture some more. Salute you, Yen Nee! we really got so much of free time gagagaga...