Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fish Spa Therapy

May I know whether the therapy is tickling? This is the first question from me to the sales person at the Kenko. If the person knows me well, certainly know why I ask this funny question………I do suggest all of you have a try on this Fish Spa Therapy which I think is fun and tickling as well.

I will not break my promise!!! I will accompany you to this therapy and I must make it!!! (Angel is ego sometimes). Hehe - I just simply want him to know that I can overcome my fear to this little fish.(I have successful finish the 30 minutes Spa – “Angel” you are great!!).

Imagine that you spend RM38 just to feed the fish with you skin. What a loss “investment” but this is fun as Dr Fish “masseurs” nibble away our dead skin and pamper my feet to a pleasant sensation and relaxation “micro massage”. Hmm – I am thinking what will be our next year trial for foot massage…..

Scroll down and see how “Angel” feed the fish with the smelly feet ……just wonder will the fish dead due to eat too much of dead skin.
(1) Wash your legs for hygiene purpose

(2) Then let the small Dr Fish Garra Rufa from Turkey, Jordan and Syrai kiss your feet

(3) After 10 min, you can let the medium Dr Fish Garra Rufa from Asia Country such as Japan, Korea & Taiwan to continue the massage.

(4)After that, you can move to the big fish to bite you.This is very tickling ( Last Process). Haha.....

Fish Spa Therapy Photo:
Nice environment in the Fish Spa
Can you see our photo? Check this buletin board to find me and my friend.

Angel get bully by Dr. Fish Video........

More information for the Fish Spa Therapy:

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