Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is that I am too sensitive??

Just now I am having lunch with my friends. I guess maybe I am too sensitivite as I do feels a little bit of uneasy when they keep questioning why I receive the organizer money for the previous BBQ activity.

Maybe I am over confident that I can arrange the activities smoothly but the reality tell me that I am not qualified as a good chair person as issue araise after the activities. I believe there is a mis-communication happen and I think nobody should be blame in this situation.

After I understand the situation, I think the good way of communication is at least by calling a person rather than flying an e-mail as sometimes e-mail is not clear at all. I think next time I rather be the people who is enjoying the party than co-organise it. I believe people will said I am sensitive or childish....

P/S:Do anyone have the same experience like this.......Things suddenly turn bad.


  1. as a organiser for various makan makan, i know your feeling and still u r right that communication is very important especially on $$ matter related.

  2. participant or organizer

    participant expects the event will be fun while organizer expects the event will meet their expectation and at the same time well executed.
    communication is indeed crucial to satisfied both parties.

    participant, what do they gain from such activities other than great time and fun memory?

    as for organizer, i believe they gain more than those, satisfaction(fuel for your mind).

    just like driving, organizing skills will gets better through time and practice.