Sunday, January 18, 2009

“Magnild”= strong battle maiden

German is the origin name of “Magnild” which means strong battle maiden. I choose this name as I hope I can be a “strong fighter” to face the entire obstacle in my life. Today, I receive a sms from my BOSS asking me to prepare and find another job as the situation is out of hands.

Actually I do understand on the situation of today economy. In the earlier blogs, I do write on the retrenchment issue as well but I can imagine that I have the possibility to face this problem as well. How strong and tough can I be to face this situation? I just move to this company for a few months and currently is really hard to find a job. Jobless rate is estimated will rate up to 100K just for PENANG. (I not sure how true this figure….)

If think from the HR perspective, I will retrench the new hire and the contractor as HR only needs to pay a small amount of the lay-offs compensation. So is that I will be their choices? Maybe someone think I am sensitive but I think this is normal for me to worry and predict the worst situation.

Since I have plan to continue my study at part-time and due to the bad economy should I just continue the study for full-time? Haiz – why I need to face so many obstacle in life. I do feel tired sometimes to face all this by alone as I really don’t want my family worry on me.
Maybe blogging is the only way I can vent out my expression. “Angel” is tired…..I need an Angel to be my side to make me stronger.....


  1. Angel will always besides u gal! be stronger! chuan is always with u wat!

  2. Hang in there. Stay resilient while things turn for the better. May the Ox Year bring lots of luck and opportunity to you.

  3. Looking at the jobless figure makes me scared..Hopefully we r not one of that 100k..I think we can face the obstacle..

  4. upset, hopefully no retrenchment lorr. But can see la, most of us like demotivated already. Really no mood to work :(

  5. Thanks CHUAN for with me ( Mentally)....Hahaha. Besides that, I will be tough as I know you all are the "angel" to guide me.......