Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reduce the accident rates during festival season

Wearing a safety belt reduces your chance of death or serious injury in a crash by 40%. This is the main reason why Malaysian start introduces a rule to make it compulsory for rear seat passengers to use seat belts but this currently only applicable to private transport. How about Express Bus as Chinese New Year is around the corner.

Actually I am thinking how far this method can help to reduce the rate of death. I hope during this festival season the will be less accident will happen especially involve the express bus. This is because I really feel accident involve express bus is worst as sometimes it can cause lots of people injured or death. This is true especially on the latest accident involve the bus express recently.

The campaign such as do a proper checking on your vehicle is needed. This is preventing some unnecessary failure on the vehicle beside the driver careless. Honestly sometimes I do have phobia taking express back to KUANTAN from PENANG.I just worry as sometimes the driver speed really fast and even able to overtake private vehicle which is speed about 110km/hr.
What can I do is just pray in my heart that I will reach safety to home.

So I hope all the express bus driver will drive carefully to ensure their passenger safely.

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