Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snatch Thief – Better be safe than sorry

Yesterday an attempted snatch theft took place just a few meters from the main entrance of the Tesco Sg Dua. A man riding motorcycle have successful snatch the handbag of an auntie which is unload her trolley. This whole process only takes less than 1 minute. (Please imagine!!! )

I am calculating the side-income for the snatch thief base on my estimation. If 1 day he have been successful snatch 10 people he will able earn about RM500 (If the purse only contain RM50 ). If this is the part-time job for him everyday, 1 month he can earn more than RM15K ( No joking).This is big money besides his skills can be upgraded to less than 30 seconds perhaps. ( Hehehe - what you think ? )

So please be careful and if possible please don’t carry handbag. Just take a small wallet as the prevention to become their target. Please prevent and better be safe than sorry.


  1. yeah, there are more and more snatch thiefs nowadays. Must be alert!

  2. Hey, i guess it is good income for snatch thief. I might want to think to resign and become a snatch thief. Better income compared to professional income.

  3. haha..I do agreed with nasty. Maybe i will quite my job and become a snatch thief. Better income wat!