Friday, January 23, 2009

"Steamboat Supper" at the Office

Unbelievable......we having the steamboat in the office!!!! This is great .....

Actually the most interesting part of the steamboat supper is we "ceroboh" the cafeteria to take the tools and snap photo in the office open area. Hahaha.....can you believe it????We do not allow to bring the camera to company.
Photo for the steamboat preparation:

(1) Food preparation

(2) The food is ready

(3) Dream Team member

(4) SSC team member


  1. Wonderful..We did it in short discussion during morning breakfast..No proper preparation oso..Hahahaha, so funny. However thing went smoothly..

  2. putting evidence of ceroboh in the public domain... not too sure if this is a good idea.