Thursday, January 8, 2009

Test the market - Interesting & Fun

Since I have another week of shutdown period so I am thinking of do survey on the job vacancy which is available at jobstreet. When I browse through the job vacancy in jobstreet I decide to try on my luck to send out few resume using my g-mail address instead of using the jobstreet service.

I do call some of the company and ask on the vacancies as advertise in the jobstreet and newspaper but unfortunately they inform me that the company have been stop hiring on early 2009.I just wonder why they keep on advertise on the jobstreet and newspaper if there is no vacancies. What strategy is this in economy theory?

Besides that, I also try a few walk-in interview at Mall around PENANG. Majority of them have already hired the SPM and STPM student which is waiting for their result. Now I am thinking how the fresh grad will find a job during this recession period.

Hmmm - my advice is please control your spending as we don't know when this will recover.


  1. From what i've known and seen from many big companies. Jobstreet is only one of the method of recruiting new workers. They also go thru newspapers and other media to advertise and attract people. so if they manage to get the headcount they need from there, naturally the vacant position in Jobstreet is no longer there.

    Since there's no many shutdown days and we have to control spending somemore.. aiyo.. sien si~!. Hopefully ang pao money is enough to compensate for some of my movies and meals with friends during the period, which i highly doubt it will be enough for anything.

  2. Manufacturers advertise in newspaper for goodwill (advertising) as well as markey survey. Don't expect all postings in the newspaper to be readily available...

  3. I also wish to get more "ang pao" this year but I think since the economy is bad the $ inside the "ang pao" will be reduce....Haha.

  4. gud luck in your interview. Hope u can get a job. T_______________________T

  5. Hehehe..Are u realy sure want to work part-time to recover all the loss?