Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Giving is fun......

I just went through my closet sorting out the clothes that I won't/dislike to wear. I managed to get a bag of unwanted clothes and I decided to share it among my colleague. Honestly, some of the clothes look brand news just maybe I become fatter and I just feel dislike to wear it. I know this is bad habit but since I will not wear it why not i just share among my friends.

I just ask whether my colleague is interested on my unwanted clothes or sometimes people dislike to take unwanted clothes. Anyway, all my colleague is ok as we have MARINA who acted to be the supervisor to distribute the clothes according to the sizes and her personal opinion.

The office suddenly turn to a very happening environment where all the girls busy picking up the clothes. After the selection, I plan to pass the extra to the charity box.

My "Brother" alwalys remind me giving is alwalys better that receiving......I really enjoy giving and receiving as well especially present. Hahaha.


  1. agree, i also always did the same.
    not only clothes but also tudung collection hehehe...because we dont felt like want to wear but then the stuff still look new and can be me lar, if got my size mebe i take some t-shirt just now kekekeke....

  2. hahaha..look like auntie2 in the pasar only. Very fun la..I like the seed one. But couldn't sumbat in my cupboard d. Most of ur's is very new la..And still in good condition. Felt like donating away so sayang

  3. I took the most becos of red_chopsticks pok-pekness like aunty2 laa..