Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Dream

“We will continue our study together “- Cheers

I still remember this is one of our dreams that graduate together unfortunately you just leave me to continue this dream alone……Honestly, when I am filling the application form I do miss you a lots but I just want to let you know that I will try my luck this round.I believe you will be there to guide me…..friendship forever!!!!

After I re-check several times of the application then I decided to send it by Pos Express. This is my first time and last time of application: If I get I will try my best to accomplish the study within 2 years …..

Actually I not sure what make me so keen to continue to study with the economic crisis now. I am worry on my job as well as my company currently is really in unstable condition where rumors around the electronic industries around here.How tough Angel can be..... ?

Hmmm – stay tuned to wait for the results of application sometimes around June.


  1. you can get lorrr..wish you all the best, then we can finish our master on same year :)