Saturday, February 14, 2009

Phone call......

Once upon a time
An angel in the sky,
Made comfort every night…….

Early in the morning....when I am preparing my breakfast the hand-phone ringing with a nice melody .An anonymous number appear which I have no idea who will be this !

SF : May I speak with ANGEL?
Angel : Speaking….
SF : Do u know who this is……. (I do hate this question a lots)
Angel : Amy, Hue, Yen ... (I guess a few names and unfortunately all is wrong)
SF : We are uni friends and me is Chong…….last time we do hang out together
( Goosh – I really cannot recall on her and feel so “paiseh” on the phone).
Angel : Hey, I really sorry leh…

Anyway, we do chat on our uni life and ask do anyone we still keep in touch……Honestly, since I lost my phone last few years most of the contact is lost as well. I really feel happy to get a phone call from her as this means I still be remembered as one of the friends.

This is cool and I do feel make friends are easy than remain them……..

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