Sunday, February 8, 2009

Show House

Yesterday, we went to show house unit at Juru Height and Kota Permai. The unit is very nice and it will only manage be my "Dream House". Hahaha - the design is great!!!!

Hmm - what I manage to get for now is only a mattress. This is a "REWARD" for myself....


  1. wahh..planning to buy a house? u go go gurl!

  2. should build a warm home, instead of looking only for a house.

  3. Actually I just take a look on the show house. Not really can afford to get a new house.....Penang house is really really expensive.

  4. eh, Juru Heights in mainland lar, 50% of the price of houses in the island.
    plan ur financial carefully, and you shall see that Penang house is not really that unreachable