Monday, February 23, 2009


This morning we have an ad-hoc meeting and as expected they will be retrenchment going on in the company. I believe majority of us have been prepared for this bad news but anyway I still speechless after the announcement.

Generally, the retrenchment will be follow-up in a few phases. I believe now the company is implementing for the first phase where the entire contractor will be the victim. Then the phase 2 will be the permanent staff which is under the prohibition period / new comer.

Even I am mentally and physically prepare but deep inside my heart I still hope for the solutions. It is easy to advice people but it is hard to overcome ourselves.

I really feel speechless and no mood at all for anything. I guess this is what we call life which is full of uncertainty as the song “Life is like a roller-coaster” where there is up and down.


  1. nothing is impossible, so keep on look around for a job!

  2. Just hope everything is fine ... I believe you do understand on my concern as well.