Friday, February 6, 2009

Steamboat night at SSC

Another steamboat night!!! I think we just love the steamboat activities. We are like a big family and we do appreciate each day we spend together.

Honestly, during the economic downturn with lots of rumors regarding my company will declare bankruptcy really make us feel stress. Each of us is really worried and this includes me even I am not really express my worried towards all the negative news.

Life must go on.....and we should't worry for the things which we can't do much.....So we just enjoy the supper in the cafeteria at 12.30pm. Wakaka - eating can release tension and you can sense that we look happy in the picture.

I really feel you all are GREAT!!!! I am proud to be a part of this family.....Thanks.


  1. Me Oso.. Having u all is a bless at these time..

  2. i also feel soo happy! cannot imagine later when i start to miss this beloved team and fun gathering...:(