Monday, February 2, 2009

What is your ambition?

I remember that when I was a kid, I will always wish to become a doctor. I always think become a doctor is great as can saves people life. This happen maybe I have influence by the drama series which is related on the medical world such as ER, Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs and ChicagoHope. Hahaha - my favourite drama series is ER which has the handsome Dr Carter.

When I grow up, I know that become doctors is not an easy task as the basic qualification is the doctor must be excellent in the study. Besides that, all doctors must be prepared psychologically, mentally and physically. Anyway, I have 2 good friends become a doctor and there is under the housemanship training now.

I love to hear on their experience as they will be confronted with endless list of tasks, including managing patients, assisting specialists in the surgery room, getting scolded by senior medical officers and even slapped with litigation suits by patients. Honestly, I really proud of them as I know them sacrifices a lot to become a good doctor.

When I am blogging now, the list of problem come across my mind for the doctors is below:

  • Demands of the job — overload for the long working hour.
  • Time pressure — balancing work and family.
  • Finding coverage — especially for rural physicians and specialists.
  • Patients who are difficult, demanding, or critical .
  • Barriers to doing a good job — waiting time for imaging and specialists, shortages of hospital beds and nurses and the ever-escalating paperwork .
  • Lack of control over the direction of healthcare
  • Splits within the profession — specialists compete with GPs for financial resources which leads to less camaraderie and more mean-spiritedness
I really proud of you......Dr Yong and Dr Chan. Do enjoy the housemanship training as I believe besides the problem that you may faces there will be some enjoyment as well :)


  1. When you were small where got Grey's Anatomy?
    Every job have its own problems; key is how to overcome the endless problems with the finite resources that you have - simple economics.

  2. Hahaha I want to become a policewomen or a spy until this very moment..hehehehe..Compared to you, i do dream of becoming doc once awhile through the Cantonese drama series which aired at 7pm on TV2. Hahahah still remember?

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  4. Hehehe..My ambition oso nk jadi doctor la as I am a big fan of ER too..Looking at their environment saving ppls live and meet handsome doctor make me dream of being a doctor..I do enjoys Dr. Carter but more into George Clooney now as taste changes..

  5. i think the list of problems above can be "cured" for the doctor's paid,( of course would be really worth it) their reputation, ie the professional job they did and people know them from their contribution as a doctor, if they become a very successful doctor lah.
    then we must also go for professional career - lecturer the only option hehehe...

  6. Red Chpsticks.....are you talking on the HK TVB drama series? If i not mistaken is Healing Hands = ER Chinese Version. Haha.