Monday, March 2, 2009

The Coffee Beans

I am sitting alone in "The Coffee Beans" at QB....The environment is great with a nice music. The sofa is nice and everything just go fine with me......Today is my special day and I really can't believe that I am sitting alone in Coffee Beans.I really miss this feeling - really comfortable and relax.

I think I will rest a while before I start blogging. This is to find a direction for myself after lots of interesting things happen in my life this few days.......


  1. Just noticed your blog today as I was going through the followers on my blog.
    keep blogging will definitely visit again.

  2. Being alone in correct environment and timing, will relax our mind. And we might think clearer. Or not to do any thinking at all really helps in reducing the stress.. Go la xcercise my fren!! Mentang2 already kurus...