Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Diary vs Blog

Blog and Diary.....This topic is in my mind for a long time. Personally for me blog is not diary because diary is a very personal thing that you do not want to share with anyone while blog is the place where you want to share of your finding, feeling, dissatisfaction, happy and etc.........

People out there: Please remember that people who wrote blog is simply just want to share their thought. Please not misunderstand that "WE" just purposely want to show off our feeling and get sympathy from friends. Friends can get update from blog on recent lifestyle as sometimes it is really hard to ring out them to chat due to busy life style. Besides that, comment we receive from each of the reader is appreciate by “US” and we really thanks you all for keep reading and support our blog.

Last time, I also have this kind of thinking: Why people share their personal stories in the blog? But now I know sometimes by blogging we find the enjoyment and relax ourselves. What do you think?


  1. like that kah... i give #1 support lor

  2. Ahakz..Ya.. Blogging is a place to express yourself. After the unforseen matters that occur, i do think that we really need to be careful in expressing ourself..Expecially the hot issue..Wink Wink.. Hehehe well.. Just to be save..Ahakzz..Kurangkan kontroversi tingkatkan prestasi!!No hard feeling!!..I'm very careful in writting ni..hahahah

  3. I agree with you red_chopstick....but as I said blogging is just for sharing and not really meant to hurt anyone lar....this is an open discussion and as bloggers we do not easily get hard feeling.If we so worry on the comment then I suggest better write diary.By the way, my blog is just for sharing and update my recent lifestyle.....

    Hehehe.....I believe lots of my friends get the update news on Angel lifestyle here....

  4. hot topics..hehe, why suddenly come out this topic ah...
    for me blog is an online diary, same as diary but then, blog is we "willing" to share our thoughts and feeling, not like diary where we can choose to let people read or not, (i believe no people hand over their diary to other people to read)
    i also agree wif u, by blogging we can share our thoughts n feeling, n we did enjoy ourselves :), n got friends commenting this n that...it's fun!
    but oso must alwez remember that there are limits in writing something on ur blog, people can use it as evidence in court, since we start implement Malaysian Cyber law. so, can kutuk or talk bad bout people, (haha..) but dont address to whom you kutuk laa hehehe..safer!

  5. Hahaha - thanks for the advice our lawyer. So for blogger please take caution on the advice. Hehehe.

  6. Hmm although the song goes " Breaking all the rules when we get together..." But wat to do.. The rule say so... TO avoid blog used as evident in the court, let us bergossip verbally. Senang.. I become the tape recorder..hehehe

  7. Hahaha - I really don't think that I "bergossip" here.....I just sharing and get advice from blogger to enhance my knowledge perhaps ("@").

    Anyway, thanks for the comment.....