Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today I read about the article about facebook. This websites is created by Mark Zuckerberg which is only 24 years old. I really impress with youngster which can earn billion of dollar in such a young age. I think in my whole life even how hardworking am I ; I will not earn such a big money.

I am a facebook user as well and many of my friends also have become one of the member due to want to keep pace on the latest technology and another reason is because of the user friendly gadget available in facebook.. I have try to eliminate some of the accounts such as “Friendster, Hi5, Multply , My Space etc. This happen because I find out facebook is more user friendly than other websites. Facebook have make improvement currently with the new face. What you think on the new face?

The original plan of facebook is to build an online version of the relationship we have in the real life. Facebook have become a powerful tool for announcement such as for wedding invitation, relationship and business opportunity. Besides that, we can get the latest update from facebook as well.

I always believe all the things have pro’s and con’s. We need to use facebook wisely as it has become a powerful tool for communication.


  1. there are cases when photos in FB has been misused... so beware of who you add into ur list of friends...

  2. Aha,.. I do agree. There's many cases reported on the misuse of the photos. So beware. Things that need to be privatize, let it stay that way..

  3. Been on Facebook for quite a while and got in touch with old friends after decades. I love the games on it as well.