Saturday, March 21, 2009

I am sick......

I am sick and feel really not comfortable. I reach office around 9pm and suddenly I feel cold and take 2 paracetamol. Later I take a nap about 1 hour and thanks Marina for taking care on me. Hmmm - maybe too much problems appear and make me fall sick.

I really hope I can recover as soon as possible as it will be a big waste if I fall sick on weekend. I am homesick now and miss my mom......


  1. sick again? this year how many times you sick dear? have a rest lorr...and go back see your mom

  2. i reckon you'll need to get a man to take care of you... ha ha....

  3. hey dear :) thanks for visiting my blog n thanks for the wishes... yupz one day we can tennis for sure. let me know... get well soon k :) keep in touch!

  4. Thanks everyone....I am ok already...

    Anonymous: I can take care myself lar.....Not neccesary need a man but if I have also ok as can get people pamper me....Hahaha.

    Soon Chuan: Thanks and I feel great now!

    Irene: Thanks and sure will keep in touch.

    Marz Purple: This year, this is the first time and tak pernah get MC yet.....

    Thanks for all the concern and I feel warm with the comment message.....

  5. Must learn to take care yourself. Don't make me worry,k?