Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I miss outdoor activities......

I am searching information for the Langkawi Trip. When I browse through the Google I realize that actually it have been about 1 years I never been for a trip. I mean the outdoor adventure type of trip and not the shopping activities.

I still remember last time we go for rock-climbing, hiking, jungle treks, steep cliffs, rocky headlands and stretches of sandy. Honestly I really enjoy this kind of activities. I remember I do fall down several times and have bruises but I feel happy for it.

For this kind of activity, we really need very trustable comrades. I still remember last time because I am stubborn and over-confident on myself then I fall down on the rocky headlands. I just do not want the help from you “SK” and this have lead me to fall down. Hahaha – I feel funny when thinking of how childish I act few years back.

I also learn to "Berakit", Jet-Ski and Berkayak even I cannot swim. I think i really trust my comrades a lots. I think I also lost the capability. Suddenly, I miss "Camping" as well !!!! Even there is no mattress and nice food but I think I just enjoy the "SURVIVOR" feeling.

Now, I really feel hard to get a bunch of adventure friends as maybe more people will prefer doing a relaxing activities or vacation. I really miss this……..

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