Monday, March 16, 2009

Muffin Baking....

Today is baking lesson again......Since my house do not have Oven so I am going my friend house to learn baking. Hehehe - the cookies look good but I think need improvement as well.

Hahaha - since 2 of my friend are investing in DSLR Camera and I think I need to invest on the cooking tools. What you think.....

Please refer below photo....

(1) The ingredient for the Muffin Baking

(2) Mix well the ingredient
(3) Pour the mixer to the cup
(4) Cook for 25min at 180 'c
(5) Done.....taste nice.
Thank you , Cikgu Linda .....You are great!!


  1. hahaha I hate that i missed the baking session. But couldn't help. Heheheh the choclate banana muffin is really nice. I like it.. Honestly..Congrats to all of u!!!! Why i didnt see salwa doing the chores? I thought i pesan d u all have to dera her.!!!hehehe

  2. Actually Salwa is busy snapping photo. Anyway, she really help lar. Hehe.

  3. wahhhh...jeles2 im not around!, i love muffin huhuhu..

  4. The muffin look good....