Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Penang Hill......

This is the first time I manage to hike Penang Hills and it takes about 2 hours......Hahaha - I am sorry to make you all delay to reach top of the hills. Anyway, I do feel happy for myself and honestly I gain a lots from this hiking trip.

If anyone ask me : Do you think worth it for making yourself tired? My answer is WORTH it.....

Last week, I really feel tired and I fall sick on the Friday night. This happen because I think too much for the uncertainty of my future pathway. I hope to work in a really peaceful environment where everyone can enjoy themselves. If there is dissatisfaction among the team just raise it out as we are family members.....But sometimes, this not happen as what we wish due to normal human character? So what I can think for now is just work hard and treat people sincerly .

When I hike the Penang Hills I find out that I become more mature compare to previous years. Last time I will try so hard to push myself to the top of the hills no matter what will happen later - This is because I just simply want to proof to my friends that I can make it.. Now, my thinking have become more mature I guess, I will stop and take a rest if I think I need to take a deep breath before continue as I do not want to push myself to the limit just simply want to proof that I am great.I think sometimes is just alright to admit that you are not good in certain activities. Sometimes, it is worth to stop a while before continue as rushing is not a good idea.

When I come down the hills, we take another road. This road make me recall all those memories where we go hiking together during "Agilent Times". Each times when I hiked use the staircase, I will stop and reluctant to continue......Hahaha - but each times my team -members will wait for me to make sure we will reach the destination.

After 3 days, I still feel the muscle pain but hiking can really give me peace in my mind. I enjoy the process which I feel is tired and pain but once you reach the top you will feel impress on the mother nature.


  1. rugi im not around and can't join!

  2. Hahaha - waiting you to come back then we organize hiking activities,k?

  3. Hello Jenny,This is my first time to post a comment to your blog,I read your archive of Penang Hill......, I was impressed by your impressive feeling,to be frank with you,I was the one just like you mentioned above but not now,
    very interesting and meaningful real-life story.

  4. Very meaningful one..Ya.. Maybe taking a break is the good way. Stop and stare and think..Hiking? Drop me out..penat2..i wait for u all upthere..hehehe

  5. Martin : Thanks for visiting my blog. This is totally what I think when I hike the hill.

    Red Chopstick: Stop ; Stare & Think - by observe other people sometimes is better.