Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Are you a pretender? I believe many people here are pretender and there is always a good pretender and bad pretender in my perception. I admit that sometimes I am a good pretender as well.

I pretend to be tough as don’t want people worry on me. Honestly these never harm anyone and maybe just harm myself. In this realistic world, there is more and more pretender which is more terrible. They treat you “NICELY” and “CONCERN” on you but once you are not around they will stab you. Honestly, you really cannot differentiate.

Now, I think of CHUAN blogs on the title “Human is scary than Ghost”. I totally agree with that. Human just look so good and can really be a good pretender.

Anyone, I consider myself is still lucky to have some of the good friends. There will scold you when they think you are doing something wrong and they do concern you sincerely. Anyway, people out there must always be careful as we don’t know who will stab behind you and please do not simply trust people.

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  1. yes it's true dear...i think everywhere we go sure will meet this so called pretender