Friday, March 6, 2009

What is Sadness?

"Sadness is the emotion people feel when they've lost something important, or when they have been disappointed about something, or when something sad has happened to them or to someone else. " ( I think this is really truth as I copy this sentences from an articel )

Suddenly I think the world seem dark and unfriendly. I am good to pretend tough as I do not want someone to worry on me but on the same time I hope someone to be there to help me......Hahaha. Last time, there is someone which I can call when I have problem but now I really cannot think of anyone.......maybe because I worry people will get boring when listen to all my "creeps".

Crying often makes me feel better and this is the best soluation which temporarily I can think off. Actually sometimes I realize that nowadays I intend to keep all the problem to myself then speak it out. Maybe I think when you talk it out also useless as no one can help you....


  1. Hmmm - it is sad to see people get retrench.

  2. although i am far away frm u, but actually my heart is near to u.Cos i treat u as my good friend. Any problems, try to express to me. I am a good listener.Although i cant help u in pysically, but i will help u in mentally.I mean i will try give my best opinions or solutions to help u solve or reduce your problems or sadness.

    Actually, as a friend, far is good u noe, cos i dunno ur friends there and u dont have to worry about i will tell your friends anything. Like sometimes if i had a problem, i will tell wei liang. Cos he dunno my hometown friends or colleagues, so anything i told him, i wont worry. that's the point.

  3. This post is kinda disturbing... absorbing all by yourself is not a good option.
    Fact that you admit "but now I really cannot think of anyone" is interesting as I always know you as someone who has many friends and family members that you can confide in.

    Sadness is a feeling rooting from our own perception. There is always a silver lining, so looking at it as half full is always better.