Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My housemate car mirror break as yesterday parked outside the house.....what a bad luck?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ipoh/Taiping Trip

As plan, we go to day trip to Taiping/Ipoh..... Interesting trip with good foods,landscape and friendsBelow is some of the photo I snap using my camera phone.

(1) We depart from Penang around 7.45am and reach Ipoh at 10am. Once we reach Ipoh town,we are searching to have a good breakfast

Chee Cheong Fun , Egg Tart, Roti Bakar and White Coffee.

Mee Curry - it taste a bit different from Penang Curry as well.

(2) After we finish our breakfast, we will going to tourist destination to see the landscape of Ipoh which is famous for the caves.

This place really have lots of Monkey..... It's look scary but don't worry as the monkey will not attack us.

Personally I like this picture of Dragon.

"Kuan Yi Niong Niong"

Nice minature landscape....

(3) Then, we are going for our lunch. As usual the famous and must eat food in Ipoh is Bean Sprout Chicken.

Is just ok but I do think expesive as this meal cost us RM 44.70.

This "Kaya Kok" is highly recommended by Angel. I really think this is great and tasty.

(4) After eating, we are going to "Railway Station" and the "Taiping Museun" before back to Taiping.

(5) We reach Taiping and we go for Sepetang and the Paya Bakau area.We have our dinner at Sepetang seafood restaurant.

This is special as you can see all the root of the tree.

I like the "Sepetang" as this is a small village which is similar to Pulau Pangkor.

I will upload more photo later as I only have limited space in my handphone. Hehehe. Anyway, thanks Grace, Benson, Alex and Yenny for the enjoyable trip.

Wedding Dress ....

Last saturday I had accompany my friend and her husband to France Taipei Bridal House... Actually I do have fun to select the wedding dree as I feel like "Judge" of fashion programme. Hahaha - let see the photo which I snap with my phone........

(1) Some of the wedding dress ......

(2) The assistant is helping her to adjust the dress

(3) Li Ying is so happy with her wedding dress...

(4) "Loh Kong" is this dress nice? Which one you prefer......

(5) Husband and Wife

Honestly, Li Ying is really enjoy on the session of trying the dress. I also feel she is super happy and counting her big day on November soon.....Congratulation!

Friday, April 24, 2009

BBQ Photo- Soh's House warming

Here is the photo I grab from Soulmen blog ........ As usual me never bring camera and here is the picture snap by our photographer.

Thanks to Soh and Bee Fong .....Hehehe - I am the only stranger in here if you all realize ......... Anyway, I do treasure my friendship and last but not least "THANK YOU"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Heavy rain again this morning…..it is about time for me to go back after working 8 hours in the office. I am tired and due to rain heavily I can’t really see clearly the direction and honestly I nearly “bang” the car in front of me due to my careless. I can feel my car is skidding when I braking hard. Luckily, nothing happens and thanks “GOD”.

I will drive carefully next time and will remind myself that don’t ever rush back. Besides that, I also must understand on my car condition which is not in an excellent condition. Anyway, I still love the small little “KANCIL” but on the moment my car “SKIDDING” some memory is flashback. It this sound like movie ????

All of you who are reading my blog now, please drive carefully especially during raining times......

P/S: Listening to Mayday Song again while writing this blog........

Monday, April 20, 2009

House warming & R.O.M

Last Saturday, I went to Juru to attend one of my friend house warming. ( Feel honour to be there to join all my ex-colleague ). Even I feel tired but the feeling is great to be able to meet most of my friends. Times flies really fast and I have leave my previous company 1 year and I do treasure all the friends I make along the way.

On the next day, I attend my friend R.O.M. She really look gorgeous with her white dress and I think she is the most happiest women to be announce as Mrs......Hehehe. The photo I will be post on next blog as I also waiting the photo to be send to me.

P/S: Listening to Mayday song while posting this blog.

Update 23/4 - To preview the photo please refer to the link: Shien Long's Blabberin'

Friday, April 17, 2009

I lost my Spectacles/ Glasses

I try to find in my office and house but I still can’t get it. I think I really lost my glasses. Sigh……that is my first glasses since form 6 and I just change the lenses for 5 times I guess after 7 years. I really have no idea where I drop it and next month I need to buy another pair of glasses. Honestly, I do have another pair of glasses but this is the most comfortable glasses I have so far even it is cheapest then my back-up. Due to my careless, I will need to get another pair by next month.

I need 2 pairs of glasses for emergency purpose as sometimes if I misplace one pair I still have another pair. Hehehe – I need the glasses especially driving when raining/night time.

Another careless story, can you imagine that I driving for this few weeks without bringing my IC. Hahaha – today when me and my colleague chatting on the Identity Card (IC) then I only realize as I check on my wallet and I can’t find my IC. Just wonder am I getting old? Actually, it has been more than 3 weeks I driving and going out without my IC. I become an Illegal immigrant but luckily not get arrested by police.

Today I must remember to put my IC in my wallet………

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I think such a long time I never update "Bibi" news..... and she is just a little bit lazy.
Here is her photo:

(1) So boring in house.......

(2) Don't disturb me lar.....I don't want to play with you.
(3) Go away lar.......

Oklar - I want to sleep.....

Police can knock on your door to check for pirated discs

Today I received an e-mail forwarded to me.......The title look interesting where stated police can knock on your door for check for pirated disc. Hmmm - I bet that majority of us will have more than 1 pirated disc in home or cars even the police officer home. ( I think so ).

Besides that, according to the mail ; Under the Copyright Act 1987, anyone found guilty of possessing three or more pirated discs can be fined up to RM20,000 and jailed up to five years or both for each disc.

Anyway, what make me interested in writitng this blog is they use the economic theory where there is demand there will be a supply. (DD vs SS)By applying this economic theory, they plan to reduce the demand then there will be no supply. Hahaha - I not sure it this will work or not??? Hahaha - if i use the Perfectly Inelastic Supply Theory this sure not work.....if the below chart and explanation is correct lar......I left my bag so long already and hope the explanation still correct.

Example: The supply is fix when the demand reduce from D1 to D2 the prie will reduce as well. This is according to the Perfectly Inelastic Supply.

I am thinking why not there just reduce the origional discs to more cheaper price. As for original CD cost about RM 40 and the pirated only cost RM4. The variances is 10X higher.........Anyway, if people give up to buy the pirated dics, there may just download and save to their hard-disc or watch at PPS. PC fair is around the corner so why not just get a hard-dics....Hehehe.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weekend at "Prai"

My blog look so "depressing" nowadays ....this is the comment I recently I get from my friends. Anyway, "Life is as a roller-coaster" where there is up and down. After the rainy day there will be a sunny day........Hahaha - life need to be go !!! Aza- aza fighting ("@").

Hey, I am OK liao ........
Last week, I make a trip to Prai with one of my friend....Thanks for accompany me! We go to Jusco,Bandar Perda and Sunway Karnival. I like the Jusco washroom and it is nice + clean. What I like most is there is a chair and big mirror for us....Hehehe.
I like the "Washroom" sign which look nice....hahaha.

Inside the washroom.......there is several chairs prepared for the ladies to re-apply make-up.

Then I go to find my brother and he provide me the wrong direction. This "Mui Mui" a liitle dumb and plus the wrong direction I nearly give-up to paid a visit. Honestly, I really have problem in memorize road.....my weakness!!!!!

We manage to get one of the housemate to buy us dinner. Hahaha - good seafood and there is funny stuff happen when we having our dinner.

There is a doggy interested to the cute "BiBi". He keep barking and stare at "BiBi". Hehehe.....I forget to snap photo........

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Angel is sleeping in the office......

Gotcha........Angel is sleeping during office hour.....

Snap another photo.....kechak.....( No response )........

Shhhh.....don't tell my BOSS ya!!!

Photo of Me

Hehehe - I just get this UNI photo which send by my junior.....for you all to laugh ("@")

I look "chubby" during uni times.....Hahaha ( Thank Yoges for sending my Student Card )





This is 2 years ago when CNY......still look "chubby" .......Hahaha


Last year November my friend wedding dinner

This year ..... my latest photo stay tune!!!! ( Look fat? Chubby? Thinner? or Ungly ? )

Friday, April 10, 2009


Yesterday, I received a phone call from my friend.....Shun2u. Really unexpected to receive you call after so many years not chat in the phone.

He said that my blog currently look "sorrowful" and he guess that currently I am not that happy in my life. Today, my colleague/good friend meet have an accident and luckily she is ok.....a little bruise i guess but the car is bad.

I just booked a flight ticket and will go for a short vacation soon ( not so soon - end of May ) ......hopefullly later my blog will full with colourful picture...hahaha.

P/S: Waiting for labour day to back hometown.......

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Suddenly I feel "thankful" to the "GOD".............I don't know why........ but today I saw an accident happen . The motorcyclist die on the spot and his body is just covered up with plastic bag. I really feel sad and really speechless on the moment when I see the body still lying at the roadside.

"Dream as if you'll live forever,live as if you'll die today" and I do think all of us must appreciate each day and people around us. Honestly, I really feel bad and I will have this kind of uneasy feeling when I witness some of my good friends leaving behind me without say goodbye or accident.

Hope you may rest in peace........

Google Searh Engine

Google search engine is useful.......and I found my name there too. ( unbelievable ) Wakaka........

I am searching some material for my assignment in the internet then suddenly I type my name on the search engine and what info it will come out......

Then I get this in the first page:

P/S: I do feel stupid doing this as well but kinda fun.....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sg Nibong Bus Station

I am working night shift and as usual I will depart earlier from my home. The night scenery is nice and I feel peaceful while listening to the sentimental music. Some memory just flashback when I pass-by the bus-station.

Honestly, I consider myself is average traveler because when I work in PENANG I will take bus back to home at least once every quarter but now seem I just go back home less frequent compare to last time.Hmmmm….maybe because is just hard for me to wake-up anyone to fetch me from bus-station when I reach Penang around 5am in the morning.

Hahaha – now I only realize how lucky am I to have good friends which are willing to pick me up from bus station last time…..Now, usually I will exchange bus from Penang – KL – Kuantan and if I am lucky enough I can carpool with friends.

I plan to back HOME this MONTH ……..I miss my MUM and KUANTAN BEACH as well……..

P/S: Now I am listening to "I never break your heart" from BSB when writing this blog.........

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Interesting story......

Tonight is the best night after few hectic weeks. Hehehe……I manage to browse through other blogger blog. Sincerely in my heart, I think most of the blogger really have interesting topic to share and their layout also is nice.

Besides that, I really salute those young teenage blogger. I really feel enjoy reading their blog. Many interesting story is post up there with their gossip on class-teachers, friends, girl-friends. Activities like “ponteng” and copy people homework just simply make me recall all those study life memory........

I also manage to read all my friends blog since I have sometimes never update their news........ "Enjoy life to fullest" and remember " Life to too short so must enjoy it"

Remember " God will bless you "