Monday, April 20, 2009

House warming & R.O.M

Last Saturday, I went to Juru to attend one of my friend house warming. ( Feel honour to be there to join all my ex-colleague ). Even I feel tired but the feeling is great to be able to meet most of my friends. Times flies really fast and I have leave my previous company 1 year and I do treasure all the friends I make along the way.

On the next day, I attend my friend R.O.M. She really look gorgeous with her white dress and I think she is the most happiest women to be announce as Mrs......Hehehe. The photo I will be post on next blog as I also waiting the photo to be send to me.

P/S: Listening to Mayday song while posting this blog.

Update 23/4 - To preview the photo please refer to the link: Shien Long's Blabberin'

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