Friday, April 17, 2009

I lost my Spectacles/ Glasses

I try to find in my office and house but I still can’t get it. I think I really lost my glasses. Sigh……that is my first glasses since form 6 and I just change the lenses for 5 times I guess after 7 years. I really have no idea where I drop it and next month I need to buy another pair of glasses. Honestly, I do have another pair of glasses but this is the most comfortable glasses I have so far even it is cheapest then my back-up. Due to my careless, I will need to get another pair by next month.

I need 2 pairs of glasses for emergency purpose as sometimes if I misplace one pair I still have another pair. Hehehe – I need the glasses especially driving when raining/night time.

Another careless story, can you imagine that I driving for this few weeks without bringing my IC. Hahaha – today when me and my colleague chatting on the Identity Card (IC) then I only realize as I check on my wallet and I can’t find my IC. Just wonder am I getting old? Actually, it has been more than 3 weeks I driving and going out without my IC. I become an Illegal immigrant but luckily not get arrested by police.

Today I must remember to put my IC in my wallet………

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