Thursday, April 2, 2009

Interesting story......

Tonight is the best night after few hectic weeks. Hehehe……I manage to browse through other blogger blog. Sincerely in my heart, I think most of the blogger really have interesting topic to share and their layout also is nice.

Besides that, I really salute those young teenage blogger. I really feel enjoy reading their blog. Many interesting story is post up there with their gossip on class-teachers, friends, girl-friends. Activities like “ponteng” and copy people homework just simply make me recall all those study life memory........

I also manage to read all my friends blog since I have sometimes never update their news........ "Enjoy life to fullest" and remember " Life to too short so must enjoy it"

Remember " God will bless you "


  1. hehehe ya..that time you were like want to go into the monitor reading those blog..heheheh

  2. good, their time is much different from us...

  3. I miss my school time as well..