Monday, April 27, 2009

Ipoh/Taiping Trip

As plan, we go to day trip to Taiping/Ipoh..... Interesting trip with good foods,landscape and friendsBelow is some of the photo I snap using my camera phone.

(1) We depart from Penang around 7.45am and reach Ipoh at 10am. Once we reach Ipoh town,we are searching to have a good breakfast

Chee Cheong Fun , Egg Tart, Roti Bakar and White Coffee.

Mee Curry - it taste a bit different from Penang Curry as well.

(2) After we finish our breakfast, we will going to tourist destination to see the landscape of Ipoh which is famous for the caves.

This place really have lots of Monkey..... It's look scary but don't worry as the monkey will not attack us.

Personally I like this picture of Dragon.

"Kuan Yi Niong Niong"

Nice minature landscape....

(3) Then, we are going for our lunch. As usual the famous and must eat food in Ipoh is Bean Sprout Chicken.

Is just ok but I do think expesive as this meal cost us RM 44.70.

This "Kaya Kok" is highly recommended by Angel. I really think this is great and tasty.

(4) After eating, we are going to "Railway Station" and the "Taiping Museun" before back to Taiping.

(5) We reach Taiping and we go for Sepetang and the Paya Bakau area.We have our dinner at Sepetang seafood restaurant.

This is special as you can see all the root of the tree.

I like the "Sepetang" as this is a small village which is similar to Pulau Pangkor.

I will upload more photo later as I only have limited space in my handphone. Hehehe. Anyway, thanks Grace, Benson, Alex and Yenny for the enjoyable trip.

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  1. The food looks super delicious. Grrr....I'm not angry but my stomach is hungry