Thursday, April 16, 2009

Police can knock on your door to check for pirated discs

Today I received an e-mail forwarded to me.......The title look interesting where stated police can knock on your door for check for pirated disc. Hmmm - I bet that majority of us will have more than 1 pirated disc in home or cars even the police officer home. ( I think so ).

Besides that, according to the mail ; Under the Copyright Act 1987, anyone found guilty of possessing three or more pirated discs can be fined up to RM20,000 and jailed up to five years or both for each disc.

Anyway, what make me interested in writitng this blog is they use the economic theory where there is demand there will be a supply. (DD vs SS)By applying this economic theory, they plan to reduce the demand then there will be no supply. Hahaha - I not sure it this will work or not??? Hahaha - if i use the Perfectly Inelastic Supply Theory this sure not work.....if the below chart and explanation is correct lar......I left my bag so long already and hope the explanation still correct.

Example: The supply is fix when the demand reduce from D1 to D2 the prie will reduce as well. This is according to the Perfectly Inelastic Supply.

I am thinking why not there just reduce the origional discs to more cheaper price. As for original CD cost about RM 40 and the pirated only cost RM4. The variances is 10X higher.........Anyway, if people give up to buy the pirated dics, there may just download and save to their hard-disc or watch at PPS. PC fair is around the corner so why not just get a hard-dics....Hehehe.


  1. No komen ont he graph.. At this hour, thinking is not the think that i can do.. Hehehe.. But on kutuk our so call penguatkuasa undang2 is a must. Trust me, if the law being enforced, the first should embush their housing area. Sure 100% of the residents have pirated cds..

  2. the police officer sure got those dics too.

  3. sokong what you say.. ai ya.. all this kind of thing is jz gv an xq for those of "them" earn xtra money only la.. you know la, what i means for them.. ^^

  4. agree with both anonymous...if they are enforcing such rules, let us think, later what they do with all those confiscated items?? dispose kaa? urmm...

  5. I would say that if they knock on my door, how can I be sure if they r police or imposters? Wah, another technique for buglars to invade the house of innocent people...