Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sg Nibong Bus Station

I am working night shift and as usual I will depart earlier from my home. The night scenery is nice and I feel peaceful while listening to the sentimental music. Some memory just flashback when I pass-by the bus-station.

Honestly, I consider myself is average traveler because when I work in PENANG I will take bus back to home at least once every quarter but now seem I just go back home less frequent compare to last time.Hmmmm….maybe because is just hard for me to wake-up anyone to fetch me from bus-station when I reach Penang around 5am in the morning.

Hahaha – now I only realize how lucky am I to have good friends which are willing to pick me up from bus station last time…..Now, usually I will exchange bus from Penang – KL – Kuantan and if I am lucky enough I can carpool with friends.

I plan to back HOME this MONTH ……..I miss my MUM and KUANTAN BEACH as well……..

P/S: Now I am listening to "I never break your heart" from BSB when writing this blog.........


  1. Wah,unbelievable that Sg Nibong bus-station also can make you recall so many things. Anyway, do you still remember me?

  2. home sweet home...
    good to know that you always remember your roots

  3. aikk..the mysterious submerge? hahahaha u know what i'm saying right YN? hahahah.. Dun go back!! Zamirah comming.. U will miss the nasi kandar sedap i tell u!! hehehe

  4. Andy: Sure I remember people who never keep their promise - hahaha. I will tell Alan on this when I have time to visit him later.

    Farid: I think you are my primary classmate. Why don't you send me an e-mail......I alwalys remember my roof,k?

    Red Chopstick: Hmmm - I miss Kuantan lar, anyway see how lar as no decision yet to be back on this Friday.

  5. Please get a bouquet of flower on behalf me,k? Thanks, Angel!

  6. yaya..im coming!!! not sure u r not going bck dis week for wut reason, but i can still meet u rite? sorry for all the postponing n bck up pln laa wut,but i really wnt to meet u all. miss u n d team vry much!