Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Heavy rain again this morning… is about time for me to go back after working 8 hours in the office. I am tired and due to rain heavily I can’t really see clearly the direction and honestly I nearly “bang” the car in front of me due to my careless. I can feel my car is skidding when I braking hard. Luckily, nothing happens and thanks “GOD”.

I will drive carefully next time and will remind myself that don’t ever rush back. Besides that, I also must understand on my car condition which is not in an excellent condition. Anyway, I still love the small little “KANCIL” but on the moment my car “SKIDDING” some memory is flashback. It this sound like movie ????

All of you who are reading my blog now, please drive carefully especially during raining times......

P/S: Listening to Mayday Song again while writing this blog........


  1. fortunately nothing happen to u.Thanks god!Next time must be careful!

  2. when you can afford it, buy a car with more safety features...