Friday, April 10, 2009


Yesterday, I received a phone call from my friend.....Shun2u. Really unexpected to receive you call after so many years not chat in the phone.

He said that my blog currently look "sorrowful" and he guess that currently I am not that happy in my life. Today, my colleague/good friend meet have an accident and luckily she is ok.....a little bruise i guess but the car is bad.

I just booked a flight ticket and will go for a short vacation soon ( not so soon - end of May ) ......hopefullly later my blog will full with colourful picture...hahaha.

P/S: Waiting for labour day to back hometown.......


  1. wah, economy crisis also can travel and vacation some more. Really envy you ler...

  2. To anonymous, Vacation is for release our tension, rest is to go more further.

  3. Yes, totally agree with you. Thanks ya!!

  4. Hi Soon Chuan
    Agree that rest and relaxation are important.
    However, I reckon these are good-to-have.
    If I can't even cari makan (read as: starving) during this crisis due to VSS or whatsoever, then food is a must-have and priority #1 and vacation will have to take a back seat.