Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Suddenly I feel "thankful" to the "GOD".............I don't know why........ but today I saw an accident happen . The motorcyclist die on the spot and his body is just covered up with plastic bag. I really feel sad and really speechless on the moment when I see the body still lying at the roadside.

"Dream as if you'll live forever,live as if you'll die today" and I do think all of us must appreciate each day and people around us. Honestly, I really feel bad and I will have this kind of uneasy feeling when I witness some of my good friends leaving behind me without say goodbye or accident.

Hope you may rest in peace........


  1. "...appreciate each day and the people around us. Really ar? How come I don't feel appreciated wan? Hmppfff...

  2. I think it is hard for me to fulfill each of my friends since everyone feel they is not appreciated by me......

    Sigh - maybe I be one of the victim then their will not that I appreciated all of them.....

    Many of my friends said I so long never meet them but since there are all across the world and how I want to make them feel appreciated without feeling tired in financial and health as now I work night shift and may time is really limited......

    Hmmmm.......spechless again!!!

  3. Recently when I read your blog, just feel you are not that happy and cheerful.....I miss the cheerful little angel.

    I do feel appreciate each time when I know you are in good condition !!!

  4. Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih.
    Setiap orang ada 24 jam sahaja, orang puteh cakap "prioritization". Keluarga, kawan, kerjaya, duit, semuanya penting.
    Yang mustahak, Angel kena tau yang hak lebih penting pada masa kena buat keputusan untuk memilih.
    Prisip hidup boleh digunakan sebagai api semasa dalam kegelapan...kalau tak, mintak petunjuk dari-Nya

  5. I agree on that - hmmmm, maybe I still not good in time management as you are.....