Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weekend at "Prai"

My blog look so "depressing" nowadays ....this is the comment I recently I get from my friends. Anyway, "Life is as a roller-coaster" where there is up and down. After the rainy day there will be a sunny day........Hahaha - life need to be go !!! Aza- aza fighting ("@").

Hey, I am OK liao ........
Last week, I make a trip to Prai with one of my friend....Thanks for accompany me! We go to Jusco,Bandar Perda and Sunway Karnival. I like the Jusco washroom and it is nice + clean. What I like most is there is a chair and big mirror for us....Hehehe.
I like the "Washroom" sign which look nice....hahaha.

Inside the washroom.......there is several chairs prepared for the ladies to re-apply make-up.

Then I go to find my brother and he provide me the wrong direction. This "Mui Mui" a liitle dumb and plus the wrong direction I nearly give-up to paid a visit. Honestly, I really have problem in memorize road.....my weakness!!!!!

We manage to get one of the housemate to buy us dinner. Hahaha - good seafood and there is funny stuff happen when we having our dinner.

There is a doggy interested to the cute "BiBi". He keep barking and stare at "BiBi". Hehehe.....I forget to snap photo........


  1. Apologies for the wrong direction. Luckily you didn't give up hope. Also, too bad that you niece was sleeping...

  2. hahaha..Bibi story is the funniest of all..