Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

I am going for a vacation again....hehehe. I think I must going crazy as last week just back from Langkawi trip and this week I go for Bukit Merah.

Actually this trip is great!!! Ok - let see the below photo for my iterniary for this short and enjoyable trip. Bukit Merah is famous for the waterpark but I never take a visit to the waterpark.
(1) We check-in at Suria Apartment about 11.30am.The main reason we never go to Waterpark because in our apartment have a wonderful swimming pool with jaguzzi. Hehehe - around 5pm we do swim and enjoy the facilities in our aparment.

(2) Our room at 2nd floor and then we prepare to search for lunch at the Resort.Then we buy the Eco Combo Pack which cost us RM25 per person. The package include orang hutan island, eco park and chairlift ticket.

(3) Yeah, I take bot again!!! I really like to take boat - hehehe. we must take the boat to reach the Orang Utan Island.

(4) Baby Orang Utan is really cute and please refer below photo....hehehe - I really love to see the baby Orang Utan.

(5) After 30 min in the Island, we go to Eco park......I love this park a lots. Honestly, I really like to see animals. In this part - we can feed the animals. we buy a pack of food which include all the animals feeding foods which cost RM5.

(6) I really like this park as we can touch and feed the animals...Hehehe.This is ....... cat ( cannot recall the name ).

(7) There is an animal show and after the show who want to snap the photo with the parrot just paid RM1. Hehehe - since we are the last one we get to snap photo with 2 parrot with only RM1.

(8) One of my favourite place is Zoo. I still remember the first time I go to Zoo Taiping is with Corena and Alex and now for now we agin go for the Night Safari...hehehe (without Alex).

(9) Wah, really lots of people go to Night Safari. The ticket is RM16 ............I am an animal lover...wakakaka.

(10) About 8.45pm we plan to back to Suria Apartment but we LOST!!! This is an interesting feeling and I do feel scared as get lost......luckily later after call my friend we get to find the road back to the resort...scary.

(11) The next morning, we go to "Foh San" for breakfast......Can you imagine that this place is crowded with so many people......Anyway, we manage to get the place after waiting for about 20min.

(12) Then we go and buy the delicous "Kaya Kok" and "Soya Bean"......

Hmmmm - this is the end of our trip. Tomorrow need to work again .........Vacation is great and now I need to control my spending for this few months. Hahaha.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Langkawi ( Day 3 - Last Day )

Last day, I DON”T WANT TO GO BACK !!!!! Hmmm – time flies really fast and today is the last day. We get prepare and planning go to “Dataran Lang’ , “Jetty Mall” , “Makam Mahsuri " and “Underwater World”.

Pantai Cenang

We reach around 8.30am at “Dataran Lang” -Langkawi landmark and we must at least snap a photo with this “Eagle”. Then we have an early shopping at the “Jetty Mall”. Clumsy manage to get her all times favorites item shops “Oakley”.

Dataran Lang

Then we go to the “Makam Mahsuri” snap some photo before check-out. We check-out sharp at 12pm and take our lunch near the “Underwater World”

“Underwater World” is nice and we do snap photo on the seals and penguins. Around 3.30pm we are get ready to the airport ……..Bye bye Langkawi !!!!!

Langkawi ( Day 2 )

We get prepare at 8am and all of us do have a good rest yesterday night. We get inside the car and round at Cenang area hunt for breakfast. Then we decide to take a nasi lemak only since we need to depart to take boat at 9.00am.

Sharp 9.00am, someone come and pick us. Inside the car, there is a couple from India. Hmmm – I guess there will be joining us in the “Mangrove Tour” as well. After 20 min drive, we reach to the jetty for “Mangrove Tour”. We snap a few photos and chat around with the local people. Then we start our journey once all the people is arrive.

As usual, ice-breaking session. The lovely couple is India and celebrate their second time honeymoon ( so sweeeeeeet ) and Jamie who is from US and currently located in Chine. All of them is nice and we do have a nice chat and as promise we will keep in touch. This is the best part of travel where we have the opportunity meet new friend across the world. I think this is really cool……hehehe.

Jamie, Angel, Clumsy, Red chopstick, Mahima& Sandeep

Jamie, Red Chopstick, Angel, Clumsy, Mahima & Sandeep

Our Captain is Din and the assistant is Hadi. Hadi will explain to us on the Mangrove Tout and history regarding Langkawi. Hmmmm, we are satisfied even we are not paying much attention on the explanation as we are enjoying the nice breeze and scenery on the boat.

Angel in the boat

The first stop, we see the swimming monkey. We throw some biscuit and the monkey swim to get the food. I think this is cute and honestly the Monkey swim better than me. Hahaha. After that, we go to see the eagle feeding session, we manage to see few eagle. Then we continue to “mangrove” tour.

Eagle , Eagle and Eagle

We continue the journey to the “Fish Farm”. We do see many types of fish and we are giving opportunity to feed them. I do try and feed some of the fish such as stingray. Then we heading to the restaurant which is located at the centre of the island. Hehehe – “Restoran Terampung”. We have lunch there which is already included in the tour. The taste is good especially for the “Grilled Fish” which I think because the fish is fresh.

Angel feeding the fish

We also go to the “Bat Cave”. Inside the cave, there is hundreds of bat and as usual photo is not allowed. Then we see the nature of the Stalagmite and Stalactite and this make me recall on my geography subject in Form 6. I still can recall on this chapter …….Later, we go to the private beach.

It is about 2.30pm and is time for us to prepare to get back to the jetty. We reach our motel at 3.00pm and take a short shower before heading to Cable Car. Since we just meet this lovely couple, we decide to join them on the Cable Car. We pick them up at 3.30pm and on the way we stop by "Harbour Park" to snap photo.

We do snap lots of photo and enjoy our stupid jokes there…….then we go to waterfall and Idaman Suri near Kuah Town. It is about 9pm and we just reach our Motel and have our dinner at Chinese Restautant near Pantai Cenang. Then we take a rest as too tired with the tight schedule.

Tomorrow is the last day of Langkawi…..more picture and update !!!

Langkawi ( Day 1 )

Langkawi - here we come !!!! I am waiting for this trip for a few month and I alwalys apply the concept "Work Hard ; Play Hard ". We need to pamper ourselves sometimes to re-charge back the energy.

Red chopstick , Angel , Clumsy

We depart from Penang Airport at 4.05pm by Firefly and reach Langkawi airport at 4.35pm. We manage to get the "0" fare and the flight cost us RM70 per person for the round trip. This is really value buy for us.Then, we rent "KANCIL" at the airport which cost RM100 for 48 hours. The car condition is good and we are satisfies. After that, we are heading to Pantai Cenang and on the way we try to get the petrol station. We check-in at AB Motel which we have book in advance online. The room is average and cheap. It cost RM70 per/night with extra-bed.

We plan to go Kuah Town as there will be a "Night Market". So we just drive to Kuah Town and walk around the market. We took our dinner at the market and walk around the free trade zone. We managed to buy chocalate and liquor which is duty exempted. Hehehe - really really cheap ......

Tips: Please do survey around the store available at Kuah Town to get a better price in the chocolate. Each of the store do have different price for the chocolate. Some of the brand is cheaper in certain store. Oh check the expire date as well.

Around 10.00pm we drove back to the Motel. Since still early, we decide to walk around Pantai Cenang. There is many tour agency along the roadside and we manage to stop buy a few agency looking in the package. We take a magrove tour package for tomorrow 9am. The price range for this package is between RM160 - RM 190. Anyway, remember to negogiate to get the best price of the package. We get a good price for our package and as promise we will not disclose the price.

More update and photo in Langkawi ( Day 2) trip soon. Please stay tune !

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ipoh / Taiping Trip ( Update )

As promise I will update some photo for my Ipoh/Taiping trip. Sorry for the delay as I just manage to get the photo just now from my friends.

I am lazy to blog so just the picture for today ........More update on the Langkawi trip. Stay tune......

Friday, May 22, 2009

Short update

It have been about a week I never update the blog.....I am too busy to do the update as working even on the weekend. Currently, I am looking forward to the weekend as I will have a short trip to Langkawi.......

Will update more if I have time .........really really tired after working so long hour but I do feel satisfies. I really think sometimes I do enjoy getting the flying colour results I guess. Besides that, working together in a team can really make me have some kind of unexplain satisfaction.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Today as I promise I will bake another cake for my housemate and colleague.....Here you go and hope the taste is acceptable for this weekend support.

P/S: Hehe - poor my colleague ad housemate which will have more opprtunity to taste my experiment......Hahahaha.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baking....... house now have microwave-oven and today I just in a good mood to try baking cake. Hmmm - this is my first experiment using the microwave-0ven. Cooking really make me feel great even sometimes my cooking not really taste great.

Since this is my first time to bake a cake, I just simply to get a whisk and honestly this really not a good idea .......I am damn tired using the whisk and thinking invest on the electric mixing tools. I send this cake to my buddy as the birthday present.....hahaha. I hope you will enjoy the cake even the cake is not as nice as bakery shop.

I will improve the skills and bake another one to my "Koko" since he keep complaining that he never try my baking skills before.......Hehehe. If he try, I am worry that he will regards as the taste is lousy.

Seriously - using the whisk is really really tired.......I also worry on the texture as really need to mix well to ensure the quality.

Hmmm - I really hope it will taste good even this is my first experiment !

Chocalate cake bake by look good but not sure how the taste!!!
Besides that, Please feel free to advise me as I don't understand why the sides of the cake burnt .
P/S: Anyway, I do receive a good comment on this cake.....This motivate me to bake more cakes.