Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baking....... house now have microwave-oven and today I just in a good mood to try baking cake. Hmmm - this is my first experiment using the microwave-0ven. Cooking really make me feel great even sometimes my cooking not really taste great.

Since this is my first time to bake a cake, I just simply to get a whisk and honestly this really not a good idea .......I am damn tired using the whisk and thinking invest on the electric mixing tools. I send this cake to my buddy as the birthday present.....hahaha. I hope you will enjoy the cake even the cake is not as nice as bakery shop.

I will improve the skills and bake another one to my "Koko" since he keep complaining that he never try my baking skills before.......Hehehe. If he try, I am worry that he will regards as the taste is lousy.

Seriously - using the whisk is really really tired.......I also worry on the texture as really need to mix well to ensure the quality.

Hmmm - I really hope it will taste good even this is my first experiment !

Chocalate cake bake by look good but not sure how the taste!!!
Besides that, Please feel free to advise me as I don't understand why the sides of the cake burnt .
P/S: Anyway, I do receive a good comment on this cake.....This motivate me to bake more cakes.


  1. It is the thought that counts. Taste is secondary.

  2. Farid, I understand and get ur meaning. Seem like hidden meaning on this comment.

  3. Wow, didn't know uWave oven can bake cake. Good investment. U can start doing bakery part time in this tough econ times. ;)