Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

I am going for a vacation again....hehehe. I think I must going crazy as last week just back from Langkawi trip and this week I go for Bukit Merah.

Actually this trip is great!!! Ok - let see the below photo for my iterniary for this short and enjoyable trip. Bukit Merah is famous for the waterpark but I never take a visit to the waterpark.
(1) We check-in at Suria Apartment about 11.30am.The main reason we never go to Waterpark because in our apartment have a wonderful swimming pool with jaguzzi. Hehehe - around 5pm we do swim and enjoy the facilities in our aparment.

(2) Our room at 2nd floor and then we prepare to search for lunch at the Resort.Then we buy the Eco Combo Pack which cost us RM25 per person. The package include orang hutan island, eco park and chairlift ticket.

(3) Yeah, I take bot again!!! I really like to take boat - hehehe. we must take the boat to reach the Orang Utan Island.

(4) Baby Orang Utan is really cute and please refer below photo....hehehe - I really love to see the baby Orang Utan.

(5) After 30 min in the Island, we go to Eco park......I love this park a lots. Honestly, I really like to see animals. In this part - we can feed the animals. we buy a pack of food which include all the animals feeding foods which cost RM5.

(6) I really like this park as we can touch and feed the animals...Hehehe.This is ....... cat ( cannot recall the name ).

(7) There is an animal show and after the show who want to snap the photo with the parrot just paid RM1. Hehehe - since we are the last one we get to snap photo with 2 parrot with only RM1.

(8) One of my favourite place is Zoo. I still remember the first time I go to Zoo Taiping is with Corena and Alex and now for now we agin go for the Night Safari...hehehe (without Alex).

(9) Wah, really lots of people go to Night Safari. The ticket is RM16 ............I am an animal lover...wakakaka.

(10) About 8.45pm we plan to back to Suria Apartment but we LOST!!! This is an interesting feeling and I do feel scared as get lost......luckily later after call my friend we get to find the road back to the resort...scary.

(11) The next morning, we go to "Foh San" for breakfast......Can you imagine that this place is crowded with so many people......Anyway, we manage to get the place after waiting for about 20min.

(12) Then we go and buy the delicous "Kaya Kok" and "Soya Bean"......

Hmmmm - this is the end of our trip. Tomorrow need to work again .........Vacation is great and now I need to control my spending for this few months. Hahaha.


  1. wa.. travel again? so shiok huh!~nvm la.. after two week got salary again ma..

  2. wah...good idea for a nice quick trip.

  3. Wow, i was just passing thru but i skrolled down, i kept looking at you pictures and kept saying 'wow'... I just got back for a an eco resort (but i didnt see any monkeys)