Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Coffee Bean/Starbuck = Lifestyle?

I am thinking of this title as now I am enjoying my Coffee Bean Double Pure Chocolate. It cost me RM 15 and I just wonder why people like me love to spend at this type of Franchise? Is that because of lifestyle as what blog by Andrew Ho “F@#K Mee "

Personally, I do think the coffee or chocolate drink cost RM15 is very very expensive but when I think I will use the electricity, comfortable couch, lighting and sentimental music while writing this blog.....then I will feel worth it. Hahaha.

What you all think about it?


  1. lifestyle depends on individual, if u felt satisfy with it, how costly it was doesnt matter / bother u at all. last time i love lepak coffee bean (love coffee bean compared to starbucks..hehe)but then nowadays, admit that it costly, n sometimes not really worth it also, n i "changed" my favorite to old town white coffee :)here, with one ice blended mocha at coffee bean u can get 1 kaw white coffee and double toasted bread at old town..urmm...the environment, depends on where the old town located, ie some very small area n very crowded like nearby my office now. but compared to the other one that i used to go, its wider n very comfortable.

  2. hehehe RM 15 for occasionally then it's ok la..but if frequent, then i'll say it's very costly la..that 15 i can buy new cloths..heheheh diffrent people diffrent way of spending. It just the matter of how u know how to limit your self.. U work hard leh..once a while enjoy your own hard earn money it's ok what....

  3. I do agree on enjoy the hard earn money as this is very personal point of view. Besides that, spend $$$ on the stuff which you think is value.