Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Langkawi ( Day 1 )

Langkawi - here we come !!!! I am waiting for this trip for a few month and I alwalys apply the concept "Work Hard ; Play Hard ". We need to pamper ourselves sometimes to re-charge back the energy.

Red chopstick , Angel , Clumsy

We depart from Penang Airport at 4.05pm by Firefly and reach Langkawi airport at 4.35pm. We manage to get the "0" fare and the flight cost us RM70 per person for the round trip. This is really value buy for us.Then, we rent "KANCIL" at the airport which cost RM100 for 48 hours. The car condition is good and we are satisfies. After that, we are heading to Pantai Cenang and on the way we try to get the petrol station. We check-in at AB Motel which we have book in advance online. The room is average and cheap. It cost RM70 per/night with extra-bed.

We plan to go Kuah Town as there will be a "Night Market". So we just drive to Kuah Town and walk around the market. We took our dinner at the market and walk around the free trade zone. We managed to buy chocalate and liquor which is duty exempted. Hehehe - really really cheap ......

Tips: Please do survey around the store available at Kuah Town to get a better price in the chocolate. Each of the store do have different price for the chocolate. Some of the brand is cheaper in certain store. Oh check the expire date as well.

Around 10.00pm we drove back to the Motel. Since still early, we decide to walk around Pantai Cenang. There is many tour agency along the roadside and we manage to stop buy a few agency looking in the package. We take a magrove tour package for tomorrow 9am. The price range for this package is between RM160 - RM 190. Anyway, remember to negogiate to get the best price of the package. We get a good price for our package and as promise we will not disclose the price.

More update and photo in Langkawi ( Day 2) trip soon. Please stay tune !


  1. Huhu...... both your friend also Nikonian kaki.... when wana intro to me?? Then I can have more kaki playing Nikon DSLR together.... haha...

  2. Hahaha - sure can find one time....Both of them is asking me to get the DSLR as well ....