Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Langkawi ( Day 2 )

We get prepare at 8am and all of us do have a good rest yesterday night. We get inside the car and round at Cenang area hunt for breakfast. Then we decide to take a nasi lemak only since we need to depart to take boat at 9.00am.

Sharp 9.00am, someone come and pick us. Inside the car, there is a couple from India. Hmmm – I guess there will be joining us in the “Mangrove Tour” as well. After 20 min drive, we reach to the jetty for “Mangrove Tour”. We snap a few photos and chat around with the local people. Then we start our journey once all the people is arrive.

As usual, ice-breaking session. The lovely couple is India and celebrate their second time honeymoon ( so sweeeeeeet ) and Jamie who is from US and currently located in Chine. All of them is nice and we do have a nice chat and as promise we will keep in touch. This is the best part of travel where we have the opportunity meet new friend across the world. I think this is really cool……hehehe.

Jamie, Angel, Clumsy, Red chopstick, Mahima& Sandeep

Jamie, Red Chopstick, Angel, Clumsy, Mahima & Sandeep

Our Captain is Din and the assistant is Hadi. Hadi will explain to us on the Mangrove Tout and history regarding Langkawi. Hmmmm, we are satisfied even we are not paying much attention on the explanation as we are enjoying the nice breeze and scenery on the boat.

Angel in the boat

The first stop, we see the swimming monkey. We throw some biscuit and the monkey swim to get the food. I think this is cute and honestly the Monkey swim better than me. Hahaha. After that, we go to see the eagle feeding session, we manage to see few eagle. Then we continue to “mangrove” tour.

Eagle , Eagle and Eagle

We continue the journey to the “Fish Farm”. We do see many types of fish and we are giving opportunity to feed them. I do try and feed some of the fish such as stingray. Then we heading to the restaurant which is located at the centre of the island. Hehehe – “Restoran Terampung”. We have lunch there which is already included in the tour. The taste is good especially for the “Grilled Fish” which I think because the fish is fresh.

Angel feeding the fish

We also go to the “Bat Cave”. Inside the cave, there is hundreds of bat and as usual photo is not allowed. Then we see the nature of the Stalagmite and Stalactite and this make me recall on my geography subject in Form 6. I still can recall on this chapter …….Later, we go to the private beach.

It is about 2.30pm and is time for us to prepare to get back to the jetty. We reach our motel at 3.00pm and take a short shower before heading to Cable Car. Since we just meet this lovely couple, we decide to join them on the Cable Car. We pick them up at 3.30pm and on the way we stop by "Harbour Park" to snap photo.

We do snap lots of photo and enjoy our stupid jokes there…….then we go to waterfall and Idaman Suri near Kuah Town. It is about 9pm and we just reach our Motel and have our dinner at Chinese Restautant near Pantai Cenang. Then we take a rest as too tired with the tight schedule.

Tomorrow is the last day of Langkawi…..more picture and update !!!

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