Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Angel’s Office Cubicle

Let see how my cubicle look like……

It has been long time I never clean-up my cubicle……..actually I should get some toys to put in my cubicle. Hahaha – thinking of getting Transformer but I think it will end up in my room or box.

Actually, my cubicle just located next to my BOSS cubicle…..Hahaha. Anyway, sometimes I still manage to write blog, read news in the office.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Quote of the day!!!

"It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives."

Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Faith in oneself is the best and safest course." -Michelangelo, Italian Renaissance Man

Faith is confident belief or trust in the truth of or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing. Is that any different between faith and destiny? Yes, Faith is what you believe and Destiny is what something or someone else decides is going to happen to you.

Hmmm - I choose to believe myself and on the same times but if things is under my control I will think it is "FAITH". Anyone believe in Tarot Cards?

Yesterday, I go for Tarot Cards reading and there is alwalys some advice to me from the Tarot Card reader. I means certainly I will take good care of myself as he said hospital is waiting for me. In relationship he just ask me be extra-careful and must know how to take care yourself. Honestly, this is the advice that my "MUM" alwalys give me. Others, cannot be disclose as this is personal. Hahaha.

Sometimes, I feel is the positive results in Tarot Reading will boost your self-esteem and if negative comment you will feel uneasy. Hmmm - but don't worry as I think I will forget it later.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Karaoke Session .....great weekend!!!

Gosh....7am in the morning!! I sleep from 7pm (12hours)....hehehe. I guess maybe I am too tired and I suppose to go out at 10pm last night but suddenly my friend SMS me and said cancel.........

Firstly, I thought to have a short nap but I have no idea why I fall asleep. Anyway, I do enjoy sleeping and my sweet dream. Hahaha.

This morning me and some of my friend go for Karaoke again.......I do enjoy myself even I am not good in singing. Sometimes, I just like this kind of outing as when we get out more we will have more interaction. This really help us to understand each other better.

After the karaoke, we do go temple and pray. Honestly, it have been a few months I never go to temple as I am not a really strong in religion........but in my heart "GOD" is alwalys there to guide me.

When writing this blogs I am watching the 29th Golden Melody Awards.......100种生活 - Crowd Lu ( Best newcomer & Best Arrangement ).

P/S: Hmmm - feel tired now and really hope to have a good hot chocolate drinks !!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Carousel just simply means any rotating platform. Actually last few days I received an e-mail request me to run report on amount spend by our organizations. ( MNC need lots of report to show them the number especially during the tough times ). Hmmm - so as usual before I manage to run any report I will go and understand each report usage to create a better overview later.....

Actually the report is combination of certain report in system such as SAP, ARIBA and ATEX. This simply means that I need support from other department. As usual all the department is really helpful and there is lots of mail flying around due to the request. I take time to read the e-mail and understand each department concern on their report and at last I figure out nothing is special and we do not need reconcile as both the report is different.

Hahaha - I feel like we are playing carousel because wasting time to figure out which report need to be use and why the report is not tally which each other. Sometimes I think is funny but at the same time we understand more on the issue.

P/S: Mistakes just simply make us learn......

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I just need a hug......

Today I really feel tired and I am in invisble mode for my SKYPE. I have no idea why I feel so tired. Is that due to not enough sleep or sleep more?

What I am thinking now is to have a hug.......This is what I see on my friend MSN message last month. Now I guess I get what it means. I think a warm hug from my friend is enough for everything. I reallly miss those chill out time and have a warm friendship hug.

Sometimes I really feel tired due to no reason. Haiz......

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding dinner + Appreciation Lunch

Yesterday I went for wedding dinner at Sunway Hotel. Honestly, I really feel happy each time attending wedding dinner. This is because my friend have successful find the other half of their life to walk together........

As usual I only manage to back home at 11.15pm and I hardly fall asleep.This is because the weather is too hot and I really cannot sleep well even I take shower before sleep. Haiz.......Since I am really tired today so I manage to sleep at the office. Hahaha - Monday Blues.

Then around 12pm we go off from office as we have appreciation lunch at the India D'Palace. The lunch start at 1.30pm but we just go off early to Queenbay as we plan to play games at Arked. I enjoy myself by playing some of the games. I think next time should go more often as this is the good place to release tension and build-up the relationship among colleague.

After the lunch, we just walk around the QB. I only manage to reach home at 4.15pm and later I take a nap. I do feel tired but I enjoy myself for this kind of activities.

P/S: Transformer is coming soon.....wakakaka...

How to leave a comment in a blog.....

Since some of my friends tell me that they wish to leave a comment to me in the blog but just cannot do it....so below are the steps:

(1) Click on the comment tab.

(2) Then write any comment in the box.

(3) Comment as column you may change to Anoymous or Name/URL

(4) For name/URL you just type your name and leave blank for the URL. Then press continue.

(5) Preview your comment and press ok once you satisfies with the comment.

Hope this may help......

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Normal Life.....

After few months of working night shift and now "ANGEL" is back for morning shift. Honestly, I still need time to adapt the jet-leg ( Hahaha - this is the only term I think off ). Life is getting busy due to more workload. Anyway, we have no choice as this is the real working environment.

This morning, I just manage to finish a report......and tomorrow was Monday and more report need to be submit. Sienz......Ok - work is work and now let me tell you what I do on last few days.

Since I am back to morning shift, I watched movie on Wednesday. GSC, I am back as I use to watch movie on every wednesday or sometimes on the weekend. I love to work on morning shift as I can catch a movie on evening with my friends. Besides that, Thursday night I went to Redbox. I just manage to get back home at 11.30pm but I do enjoy the time with my new friends.

Hmmmm .....meeting nice people is fanstactic. Really thanks to Benson for organise such a nice activities. Even we are different department but thanks for alwalys remember to invite me...not forgetting Grace and Alex.....THANK YOU!!!

Last time, I alwalys go to karaoke with my friends ( ex-colleague ) and I seldom sings. I don't know why....maybe just feel that my voice is not nice compare to them....and I will be choose to enjoy the environment instead of singing. Hahaha - but this time I really sing and feel enjoy as well. Maybe I have craving for karaoke session for few months.

Oh ya, I have started back my daily routine such as jog on the evening. I have left this daily routine for such a long time and currently hope I can get back to shape as soon as possible. I still have few weeks to enjoy before I will start my study life............

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Photo, photo and photo

I choose to display this photo because just simply think this is nice. Sometimes I really think of getting a DSLR Camera but due to tight budget I need reschedule it to probably next year.....Hahaha.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Love Letter"

I am thinking of blogging in "Love Letter" .......don't know why maybe because last night I recall some of the sweet memories.

Do you receive a "Love Letter" before ? Do you write a "Love Letter before ?

Hahaha - I receive a "Love Letter" before during my uni life......And I keep all those letter nicely in a file. I like to keep letter and cards. Honestly, I have no contact on the person who wrote those letter to me already but when reading back ....It is really sweet!!!!

Nowadays, I believe people prefer to send e-mail or e-card rather then mailing a card to your house address but I still enjoy the old fashion mailing ways. The feeling of waiting for the postman is kinda fun as sometimes we will full of dissapointment when there is no letter.

I really think I am really sentimental person. Besides that, I still keep the first roses I received from my friend during form 4. The feeling on receive flower is great especially when you not expected to receive.

Actually I just wonder ....where are them now? I really thank them for giving me all those sweet memory especially on the "Love Letter". This will be my personal collection as the ways of writing is really childish and funny.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Medical Check-Up


My alarm is ringing and I still feel really lazy to wake up!! Hmmm - really monday blues and I am late to work today. I really feel exhausted today with all the pending issue in my daily working task. Besides that, I need to plan for an appreciation lunch with limited budget. I really feel it is hard to fullfill everyone need to get a good food, location and time as we are in shift work. Anyway, I think I will try to narrow down the option and select the best after I consider on the package and hope all can be finalize by this week. Hehehe.

When I am on my way back, I stop by BSN to buy PTPTN pin no for application purpose. I hope I can get the loan as this really can ease my burden to pursue my study. After that, I go to USM Health Centre to do a medical check-up. Honestly, it take me more than 3 hours to complete a very simple medical check-up.

I not really angry today as I think the medical staff is nice. I like their services just I have no idea why the doctor take so long to examine patient. Hehehe - the staff is nice and I not sure because I can speak Malay well or I look "cute".

From 2.30pm - 5.00pm I at the health centre. Actually, I should be really angry as my time is wasted like that......I imagine if this happen last 2 years I beg I am leaving the medical centre and will go nd check-up at other clinic. Hahahaha........

After that, I go to near-by photo shop to snap the passport photo as I have no idea where I put my previous photo. Honestly, I am extremly exhausted and will sleep soon.

Night and honestly this is the first time I sleep at 9pm.......Start blur already!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Accepted!!!! Update version 2......

I get the offer letter last friday.....at last official letter is here. Hmmm - I think this week will busy to settle up all the medical check-up and others. I am worry as well to start study again .........need to juggle between work and study.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Chocolate Indulgence

Yeah!!! I have my Choclate Indulgence today. If I am not mistaken the last time I had the chocolate indulgence cake was on my Birthday (Lunch with my Koko ). Honestly, this is my favourite cake and I use to have it once a month .......

Today I feel so "geram" but as usual after I grumble to my friends ......my heart feel better. Sometimes I just think we should not get angry easily because when we get angry it can create more wrinkle on our face. Hahahaha........ So I alwalys remind myself on this to enable me to control my anger.

As usual when workforce is limited our works become more and more.I am getting busier with my task and I do enjoy the feeling of sitting alone on the corner of the office to complete my task with the head-phone.

Oh ya.....today I recall some sweet memory when on my way back. Hahaha - The story of "LOSYEN" which make me laugh in the car alone. I do feel stupid but kinda fun. I think when someone is tension she/he should find a way to release ........

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I don’t know when…….

I don’t know when I feel hopeless,
I don’t know when I feel tired,
I don’t know when I feel useless,
I don’t know when I feel fear,
I don’t know when I feel lazy,
I don’t know when I lost motivation,
I don’t know when I feel regret,
I don’t know when I will give up,

I don’t know when I start forgetting you,
I really don’t know when ………

Yesterday this is on my mind and I hardly fall asleep. I start to think lots of things. Honestly, sometimes I really hardly recall what is happen on the past and I feel the future is uncertainty as well. Actually I also not sure what am I typing right now …….

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This morning I really blur…..maybe I not have enough sleep. I go work today at 6.30am then I realize I forget to check on something before I leave the house today. So, I return back to home and re-check. Besides that, I do twist my hand yesterday. Haiz, feel like bad luck is coming…….

Since I am craving for McD so today I just get McD as my lunch. Hahaha – I feel great after having McD…..

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Accepted!!!! Update version.....

Today I check again in the website and the status have changed from ACCEPTED to IN REVIEW ......Honestly, I am not really happpy with the USM services and confirmation on the status.

I have call and get my friend to check with the Graduate School and the results is not consistent from day to day. I means last week, the status is accepted and today is "In review". Anyway, just wait and see as the system is really "SUCK".........

I just wonder how USM get rewarded with APEX STATUS......Anyway, just wait and see.Who know maybe I am one those the unlucky one.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Yesterday I checked on the USM website and my status of application was "IN REVIEW" and today I check again the status have changed to "ACCEPTED". I hope this is not a "technical error" like what on the Bachelor courses. Anyway, currently I am waiting for the letter of offer....