Sunday, June 7, 2009

Accepted!!!! Update version.....

Today I check again in the website and the status have changed from ACCEPTED to IN REVIEW ......Honestly, I am not really happpy with the USM services and confirmation on the status.

I have call and get my friend to check with the Graduate School and the results is not consistent from day to day. I means last week, the status is accepted and today is "In review". Anyway, just wait and see as the system is really "SUCK".........

I just wonder how USM get rewarded with APEX STATUS......Anyway, just wait and see.Who know maybe I am one those the unlucky one.


  1. That's really ridiculous. And they talk about World class. They can forget it.

  2. I am really dissapointed....Anyway,nothing much I can do, so just wait for the outcome.

  3. dont know la wats wrong with them, very shameful lah..