Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Angel’s Office Cubicle

Let see how my cubicle look like……

It has been long time I never clean-up my cubicle……..actually I should get some toys to put in my cubicle. Hahaha – thinking of getting Transformer but I think it will end up in my room or box.

Actually, my cubicle just located next to my BOSS cubicle…..Hahaha. Anyway, sometimes I still manage to write blog, read news in the office.


  1. Hey , my office uses the same VOIP phone cisco system.. Hmm, they must be well known all over the world or.... WE are in the same office !!!?

    Hahaha , watch out , i might be sneaking up to take photos of you tam pok-ing.

  2. mana gambar idola atau teman lelaki?

  3. U should zoom the photo....as there is Daniel Wu and Nakata Hidetoshi photo in my cubicle.

  4. wah..VoIP phone system.. im doing an assignment on this technology ler..get to see it here.. hahaha..