Thursday, June 25, 2009


Carousel just simply means any rotating platform. Actually last few days I received an e-mail request me to run report on amount spend by our organizations. ( MNC need lots of report to show them the number especially during the tough times ). Hmmm - so as usual before I manage to run any report I will go and understand each report usage to create a better overview later.....

Actually the report is combination of certain report in system such as SAP, ARIBA and ATEX. This simply means that I need support from other department. As usual all the department is really helpful and there is lots of mail flying around due to the request. I take time to read the e-mail and understand each department concern on their report and at last I figure out nothing is special and we do not need reconcile as both the report is different.

Hahaha - I feel like we are playing carousel because wasting time to figure out which report need to be use and why the report is not tally which each other. Sometimes I think is funny but at the same time we understand more on the issue.

P/S: Mistakes just simply make us learn......


  1. ini orang Chin panggil "long piak".
    Kalau tak langgar dinding macam mana boleh belajar?
    kata orang, orang jepun emphasis on the process, whilst orang puteh pentingkan results.
    yang mana lebih penting, terpulanglah pada selera anda.

  2. Getting people from different departments to work together is one of biggest problems in a number of companies. Sounds like you are doing a great job.

  3. Farid : Agree with that process vs results

    Adam: Not doing a great job just so far not facing lots problem as the people here is helpful.Besides that, maybe is because I pay attention during your lecture so I am prepared physically. Hahaha.