Friday, June 12, 2009

Chocolate Indulgence

Yeah!!! I have my Choclate Indulgence today. If I am not mistaken the last time I had the chocolate indulgence cake was on my Birthday (Lunch with my Koko ). Honestly, this is my favourite cake and I use to have it once a month .......

Today I feel so "geram" but as usual after I grumble to my friends heart feel better. Sometimes I just think we should not get angry easily because when we get angry it can create more wrinkle on our face. Hahahaha........ So I alwalys remind myself on this to enable me to control my anger.

As usual when workforce is limited our works become more and more.I am getting busier with my task and I do enjoy the feeling of sitting alone on the corner of the office to complete my task with the head-phone.

Oh I recall some sweet memory when on my way back. Hahaha - The story of "LOSYEN" which make me laugh in the car alone. I do feel stupid but kinda fun. I think when someone is tension she/he should find a way to release ........


  1. next time learn to make choco indulgence and bake one for all of us

  2. yummi!!!must go n find one also tomorrow huh! x boleh tahan